Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Itz bin a varee loooooong tyme

Hellow, this is Tiramisu here. It has bin a varee long tyme synce I postid aneethin heer...I got varee nosetalgik todae an startid to look bak on sum of the old blogs startin wif my sistur Eclair whooz bin gone almost 13 yeers now. but i yam still heer and so is my noo sistur Lucy. wee are gittin owld now, bowf of us is abowt 14 yeers owld now but we still goin strong. I will admit i yam not so sleek and spry anee mor but i still luv my catnips and eatin the gud stuff, espeshully a bit of toona win my mom has sum for heerself tho i think she shuld let me haf it all. We waz lookin at sum of the owld cat blogs frum way bak and it mayd my mom's eyes leek a leetle bit win she reealized how manee of our owld cat frendz haf also crossed the Bridj, but we noe they are all togithur wif Eclair agin an hafin a gud tyme. We still miss Eclair a lot but we noe we will see hur agin sumdae too. Synz so much tyme has past we haf mooved a gazillion miles bak to Illinoiz ware my mom had alwayz lived befoor. we haf a nice houz in a qwhyet town an prettee much do wat we want cuz our mom dunt haf to go to that werk playce aneemor. She jus limpz arownd heer and iz wif us all the tyme so its varee nyce. we miss Skeezix a lot too synz he was inflooenshul in owr adoptshun all those yeers ago. But we all is gittin owld an its hard not to remeniss abowt our yungur dayz. If anee of yoo arr still owt theer stop by an say hy to us. we luv yoo all. Purrz and licks frum Tira and Lucy.