Monday, March 12, 2007

Sowry we havint bin postin

Tira and I haf bin varee bizzy takin cair of our ladee and enjoyin havin her home wif us alla rite now. She sez her sholdur is bettur but she still has to be varee cairful not to moov it a sirtin way or lift ennything hevy. Gud thing me an Tira arr not fat but mostlee she is sittin down so we jus jump up into her lap to chek on her.
We miss yoo all varee much an will try to git back to bloggin more soon.

We dint evfun noe that Skeezix wuz sik!! so glad to heer that he is feelin bettur. On anuthur gud noat, the wethur is gitting warmur heer so maybee we will be abul to lay in the windoe sills win the windoes arr opin agin.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bad Nooz

My ladee jus gitted home from the peepul doktur aftur seeing him for the resultz of a thing calld an EM ARR EYE. She is prittee upset rite now. Her showdur is feelin bettur as long as she duzint moov it sirtin wayz, but the doktur man sed she will most liklee need sirjuree to fix the torn tendins othurwize she cood rupchur her bycep wich wood be much hardur to heel from. She is upset becuz he told her she wood problee have to bee off werk for 2-3 montz an she duzint noe how she will be abul to afford that. I told her we wood eet less an bee gud if that wood help. I noe she wont do ennything like giv us away to the sawsij faktoree but she's upset cuz she duzint noe how she will be abul to pay sumone calld Billz while she cant werk.

We will giv her lotz of snugguls today.