Monday, February 26, 2007

My sistur Tira and me on the red carpit last nite at the Ozkurs.
It wuz fun to git all glammd up. Hope Monte and Ezra like it.

And I did that definishun thing that Skeezix had in his blog, it sed...

eclair --


Benevolent to a fault

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Sunday, February 25, 2007


While my ladee watchez the akadimee awurds I am gonna fulfill my obleegayshun to post my ansurs to this meme. Bof Skeezix and Monte tagged me...

A) Four places I have lived:
1. well I dont remembur much but I wuz wandurin the streets of Shelton, CT
2. Newtown, CT in the Amanda Connekshun sheltur
3. my howse wif my ladee in Torringtin, CT
4. nowhair else that I noe of

B) Four things I love to watch:
1. my sistur Tira tryin to sneek up on me
2. things goin on owtside my windoe
3. my ladee tryin to sleep win I'm walkin on her in the mornin
4. bugs

C) Four places I have been outside my home:
1. the streetz
2. the animul hospitul
3. ummm...the basemint of owr bilding win I sneeked out wun day
4. nowhair else...yet

D) Four websites I visit daily:
1. My own webblog
2. Skeezix's blog
3. Catster
4. uther frend's blogs

E) Four of my favorite foods:
1. Fansee feest, enny flayvur
2. Temtayshuns
3. Pitr Pats
4. cheez

F) Four places I would rather be right now:
1. on my ladee's lap gitting pettid and luved
2. eeting mor fansee feest
3. taking a nap on the bed in the utherbedrume
4. hangin owt wif all my bloggur cat frends

G) Four toys I have owned and played with:
1. catnip mowsie
2. tinsul wand
3. cat dansir
4. a tin foyl ball

H) Four nicknames my staff have tried to assign me:
1. Claree
2. Fleebee
3.kittin mittin
4. Tobey (wunz in awhyl the ladee fergits an calls me her old blak catz naym)

I) Regarding Catnip:

Love it
It's nice
Could take it or leave it
Don't like it or can't have it

Love it!!!

J) Regarding Cat Grass:

Love it
It's nice
Could take it or leave it
Don't like it or can't have it

Sinz I like to chew on the spydur plantz my ladee bawt sum cat just wuzint tastee like the spydur plantz so I jus let it git brown an then she throwd it away. Tira wuzint innerestid in it eethur.

K) First four things I'd buy after winning the lottery:
1. sumbudee to cleen the howse for my ladee so she wud haf mor time to play wif me
2. a fansee cat condo
3. pay all my ladee's billz so she wud nevur haf to go to that werk place an leeve us alohn.
4. a kilo of primo nip (shhhhhhh, dont tell, I dont wanna git bustid)

L) Four things I do besides eat, sleep, and litterbox:
1. chayz and rassul wif Tira
2. sit on my ladee's lap an purrr
3. try to teech Tira sum mannurs
4. beg for treetz

M) Four things I want to do this summer:
1. lay in the windoe in the sun
2. lern to opin canz of fansee feest myself
3. kornur the markit on primo nip
4. find a gud sekrit hydee place to git away frum Tira win she's beein too agressif

N) My four most prized possessions that have limited value to anyone else:
1. my fud bowl
2. my catnip mowsie
3. my ladee's big bed (she onlee *thinks* itz herz now)
4. my watur fowntin

O) What I’m going to do before tomorrow is over:
1. tayk a few napz
2. rassul an box wif Tira
3. start the skript for my movee entree for the Acatemy awards.
4. stair owt the windoe

P) Which of the following is your favorite place to hide and play?

1. I don’t have to hide

2. Under Mommies bed
3. In my tunnel
4. Other (please describe)

Q) Four other "pets" your staff have kept with you:
1. my sistur Tira
2. she sez a big snayk yoosd to live heer
3. thoze spyder plantz hoo now liv hi up on a shelf I cant git to
4. the compewtur

R) Four furiends I tag to respond:
Midnight, Cocoa, Grr, and Rocky the gutter cat

Saturday, February 24, 2007

callin all noo england catz and beans

No-Kill Shelter In Jeopardy Of Closing
Shelter Has Accepted Animals For 114 Years

POSTED: 1:39 pm EST February 23, 2007
UPDATED: 7:24 pm EST February 23, 2007

MERIDEN, Conn. -- One of the state's largest no-kill animal shelters is in jeopardy of closing its doors.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter Katy Zachry reported that the Meriden Humane Society needs to raise $87,000 in the next three months to continue serving hundreds of dogs and cats.

Zachry reported that many of the animals the organization receives are left outside the building in boxes or bags and that some were left near death.

The shelter is a no-kill facility, which means no animal leaves until it's adopted. The Meriden facility has never turned away an animal in need.

"In a no-kill shelter, there's no time limit to put on an animal's life," said Alexia BelPerron, of the Meriden Humane Society.

The funds to pay for the shelter's operations are limited and if it doesn't raise the money needed, it will have to close.

"It's really the vet bills, paying the staff and paying for the medical treatment for the animals; even a lot of our food gets donated," BelPerron said.

The shelter's staff said that since Channel 3 aired a story about the shelter's problems Thursday at 11 p.m., it has received many donations, but still needs more.

The shelter announced that it will stay open all weekend, around the clock, to help raise awareness.

"It's been a great day," said shelter manager Marlena DiBianco.

DiBianco said that dozens of people flocked to the shelter to adopt and make donations Thursday.

The shelter said many of the animals show up badly injured or sick. The cost of care for them and the healthy animals is staggering.

"It's not the animals' fault they're here, and even if you're not an animal lover, you know that," BelPerron said.

Generous donations have kept the shelter open for the past 114 years. If the Meriden shelter is forced to close, officials said they will send the animals to smaller no-kill shelters around the state.

More Information:

# Meriden Humane Society: 203-238-3650

© 2007 by All rights reserved.

I wish we cood help her morr

My ladee still has her arm in that bag hangin arownd her nek. She cant do much and it mayks me wish I cood cook for her. She sed she is gitting stir crazee wurz then win she had noomohneeya, cuz she cant go ennywhair and she cant do much arownd the house wif onlee one hand. She seems to be maykin that owchee face mor today an sez this suks!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

oooo my poor ladee

she had an akseedint last nite. she slipped on sum ice as she got in her kar and dislokatid her shoulder tryin to stop her fall. an ambleeantz tayked her away for a littul whiel an then owr frend aneeta hoo lives upstares brawt her home. her arm is wrappt up and in bag thing that goze arownd her nek so she cant moov it. she sed it hurt wurz than ennything ever win it happind but it onlee aches a lot today.
so we iz gunna be extra gud kitteez today.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just wen we thot we had nuffin to blog abowt today..

The ladee wuz doin her mornin thing--drinkin koffee, reedin her emale and chekin owt uther blogs wen a big krash caym frum her bedrume.
She caym raysin in onlee to find that her anteek writin desk had falld ovur noking ovur her anteek chair and the music masheen that wuz on top of the desk. Anteek must meen not in such gud shayp cuz the desk legs caym off. The ladee wuz yellin mad, but we wuz hydin. Neethur wun of us is gunna tell her hooz fawlt it wuz, but she duz noe I like to sit on top of that desk an look owt the windoe. We hurd her frum owr hydee place in the uther bedrume sayin "Oh yoo catz!!". Then she got sum stickee stuff an put the legs of the desk bak toogethur. So maybee we wont git in too much trubul if the desk is all fickst now.

I wundur whut uther trubul we can git into today?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Moochur Munday

Hay, yoo gots yer own bowl, that wun iz MINE!!!

I dont think weer reddy for Holleewud yet

My ladee's noo compewtur duz so menny neet things! We mayd a movee tonite. I will try to post it heer aftur we put it on YouTube. Then we gots to git to bed.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My ladee the arrteest

Itz anuther cool day heer in konnetikut, an my ladee has bin bizzy on her noo compewtur. She did stop to play wif us for awhyl. She tryd to put wun of the shertz that Skeezix givvd me on Tira. It dint go ovur varee well, Tira wuz not varee koo-opurratif an she wuz thretinin to do sumthin nawtee. I cood see it in her eyz. My ladee got the shert ovur Tira's hed but that wuz it, then Tira runnd away. The necks thing I noo Tira had takin the shert off an problee hydid it sumwhair.
It wuz prittee funnee. Mayks me laff an laff (like Jeterharris sez) to haf such a crazee kid sistur.

Then my ladee playd wif her Fotoshop an mayd me sumthin to giv to Monte. She also mayd a goofee anneemaytid pitchur of me. Itz sillee but she had funs doin it so thatz a gud thing. I tryd to post it heer but it wuzint werking.

Heer's my presint for Monte cuz heez so sweet. I think my ladee duz gud werk.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I am so ixsytid!!

My ladee bawt the book that has Skeezix's life storee in it and we startid to reed it this afturnoon. We wur shahkt an thrilld to see that Skeeizix menshuned me in his storee!! Thankew Skeezix so much, I feel like a selebritee now! An now I noe evfun mor abowt yer life!

Pleez pardin enny typoz, we arr gitting yoosed to a noo compewtur. My ladee jus bawt hersef a laptop. I noe she's gonna be hoggin it a lot for awhyl but I will mayk shoor she letz me and Tira do owr bloggin.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Itz sooooo cold!

We dint git 12 inchez of sno but we gitted lotz of ice. They say itz varee slippurry owtside so my ladee has bin heer wif us all day! The wind is blo-in reel hard owtside and itz leekin in owr windoz.

So I hope whairevfur yoo arr yoo ar warm an haffin a grate Valentime's Day!!!

Wuzint thair spossed to be a partee toonite?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The innernet has eeted Skeezix's blog site!!! Hoo do we call? Is it a konspeerisee? Has he runned away to be wif his Daisy???

Still waytin for the big sno to start. My ladee sez itz not spozed to til midnite oclok. I'm sure we will still be awayk then. We will tayk pitchurs for shure.

Itz gunna tern all wite owtside

We arr braysing for owr furst big wintur storm tonite. The wethur guy sez we mite git 10 to 14 inchez of sno. I haf to remind my ladee to go git mor stinkee gudness an krunchee fud for us befor the big sno eets up her blak masheen owtside.
I will haf a gud windoh seet to wahch the sno fall but I wont want to do mor then wahch it! I'm glad my ladee will be hohm wif us for the nex 3 days, I wud hayt for her to gitt lost in the big sno.

I'd bettur go chek on owr emurjencee sno suppleyez in kase weer runnin short on Greenees or Temptashuns too.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I lernd sumthin frum Tira

Evfun tho we arr abowt the saym aje, I think of Tira as my yungur sistur. But I lernd frum her that if yoo git skrunchd down rite next to the raydeeator thing itz nice an warm. Itz bin varee cold heer for the past week. Punxatawnee Phil the Grownd Hog sed spring is suppozd to git heer earlee this yeer but it seemz like wintur just finullee got heer. My ladee sez itz becuz of sumthin cawld Gloebul Warmeng.

An I am riting this for my ladee. She sez THANKEW a sqwillyun times to Skeezix's ladee for the cookee presint. Thair wuz a bit of an inceedint ovur the delivree becuz it wuz varee windee heer yesturday. The delivry dude left it on the frunt porch an the wind bloo it rite off into the nayborz yard. It wuz in a brown papur bag so my ladee dint see it an cawld the store to tell them it wuz nowhair to be fownd. (they left a messaj on her masheen). Then today she desydid to look all arownd the howse agin just in kayce. She notissed the brown bag an wint ovfur to it an thair wer her cookees. She sez they arr varee yummee and almost too kyoot to eet. Skeezix's ladee is so nice an it mayd my ladee smyl reel big. Thankew so much!
Notiss the emptee stiks in the middull....2 cookees mysteeriuslee got eetid befour this foto cood be taykin. I wundur woo cood haf eetid them???? =^.^=

Friday, February 09, 2007

Whut a bummer

Monte invitid me to the valentime's party toomaroh nite an owr ladee sed she has to go to that Werk place and wont git home til almos midniteOclock. She duznt lets us play wif the compewtur win she's not heer.
My furst date...and I haf to miss it. Itz jus not fare!!!
I mite haf to go chew on her spydur plantz or nock sumthin off the taybul or sumthin.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Happee happee day!

I am so happee and flatterd to find a beeyooteeful valentine just for me frum Monte postid on Skeezix's Valentine Kontest payj. I nevfur noo how nice it feelz to be speshul like that to sumwon.
Monte is a varee hansum man cat an my hart is just powndin wif joy that he wantz me for his valentine! Thankew Monte, yoo arr varee speshul to me too! *kiss*

I'm gunna mayk a noo valentine just for Monte. >^..^<

UPDATE: Heer's my Valentine for yoo Monte

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bin Bizzy Bein Gud

My ladee has had a bad day tooday. Her eyz wur leekin a lot. I think it must haf sumthin to do wif that manwooyoosdtoliveheer. She's bin draggin stuff owt to the garbij in between wipin her leekee eyz. Tira an me haf bin takin ternz sittin in her lap win she sits down to try to cheer her up. She huggd me tite for a whyl an leeked on me. But I dint care, I just want her to be happee agin.
I noe she's glad she has us.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Evry gurl needz a glamur shot

Heer's a pin-up of me. My ladee wuz bizzy wif the fotoshop agin.