Thursday, August 31, 2006

Confuzing compooter stuffs

My foodladee sayd she is havin truble makin posts frum me to my frends blogz. She is usooally very gud at compooter stuff (so she sayz) but I gehss this blog thing has got her confuzed. She sayz she is useta uzing a thing called livejurnol. But I think she will figgur this out eventooally cuz I think shes pritee smart. She pict me!

Dint do nuthin verry eggsiting today so I am gunna go fer now.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The eevul lowd thing

Well, I noe now thet I am skard of thet mashine thet the foodladee pushed all ovur the carpet. She did thet to the hole howse today and I ran and hid in hur bedroom. Then she put this noo kollur on me thet smells funny, I think itz moor fleez stuff. I hope it helpz cuz I am tyerd of itchen.

I haf a few moor pitchurs to post today for thoz hoo wanted to see ware I live. Maybe she'll give me sum moor pitchurs of myself to post. But I dunt want to seem too conseeted.

This is a pritee streem at that Burr Pond place my foodladee likes to go to. I dunt think I want to go becuz I bet there arr vishus deer there.

She sayz this was last spring at Burr Pond State Park. It doz look pritee.

My foodladee sayz this wuz takin befor I wuz borned. It wuz in october 2004, she sayz thet wuz when she wuz still happee cuz anuthur person lived here with hur. She stil likes the leeves in the fawl and likes to take pitchurs.

I am the luckeest cat in the wurld

I wuz so eggscited to see all the commints on my noo blog. Evrywon is soooo nice! It maykz me soo happee to have all theez noo frends, and all becuz my foodladee fownd Skeezix's blog on the innernet. I think the innernet is a very kool playce to have browt me such nice frends. Thank yoo for all the nice commints!

We arr still feyetin the fleez. My foodladee yoosd a little kome on me today and got sum of thoz fleez off me, but I'm still skratchin. She sayz she will probly tayk me to see a doktur for animuls so I kin git sum speshul medisin to git rid of the fleez for gud. I have bin to one of thoz dokturs before win I had an opurashun win I lived in the shelltur. I hope my foodladee findz me a nice doktur.

My foodladee wuz feelin a littel sad today so I bin tryin to cheer hur up. It mayd hur happee to see that I have all theez noo frends hoo sayd such nice things abowt me. I will haf to mayk shur she helps me rite moor stuf in my blog becuz it makz hur smyle. She wuz happee to see that Skeezix' foodladee duz fotografy becuz she likz to do that too. She toled me she eeven studyed it in kollej a long time ago. I will tri to git hur to tayk moor pitchurs and put them heer so evrywon kin see them. She sayd she lykd Skeezix foodladees webseyt a lot. It mayd hur want to tayk moor pitchurs. I bet she will tayk moor of me!

Well, I think I need to mayk my foodladee go to bed now cuz she has bin stayin up too layt!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sum pitchurs

I like it win my foodladee playz wif me!

I like to play wif my feathur an tincil wand.

Heer is a pitchur of a perty pond in the fawl. Itz like livin in a poestkard heer, sayz my foodladee.

Heer is a nice pitchur that my foodladee took of a playce she likes to go, itz called Burr Pond.

My new blog!

I deesided I wanted to have a blog jest like my bestest frend Skeezix hoo lives far away in Caleefournya. I live on the udder side of the kuntry in Cunneckticut. It iz very perty heer, lotz of treez and hillz and rockz and streemz. But I live inside in a beeutiful apartmint with my foodladee. I am the onlee cat heer so I have the run of the howse. I am glad I got to come live heer cuz now I git all the cat fud to mysef, win I lived in the shelltur I had to shair all the fud wit a hole bunch of udder catz. They wer all bigger then me so I dint always git as much as I wanted to eet. I wuz a littel bit skinnee win my foodladee adopted me but now she sayz I am gitting a rownd little tummee. I hope I dont loos my gurlish figgur, esspeshully now that Skeezix sent me some new sherts!

I spend my dayz hangin owt at home, takin napz or leyeing in the sun. I like to sleep with my foodladee too and in the mowrning I meow at her to git up and feed me! I dont like it win she wantz to sleep lait. I niver useta git ennything but dri fud but now I reely like it win she gives me the stuff in a can that she sayz is called Fancee Feest. It shoor taystis gud!!

Reecintlee we have had a prawblem with fleez, but I think itz gitting bettur. But I noe thoos fleez live in the carpet so I dont like to be on the flore ennymoor. I run like mad so I kin jump up on the furnichur so them fleez can't git me. They make me itch sumthin tearribul!

I am glad my foodladee adopted me, she is the bestest humanbean in the wurld!
I will rite moor soon as I kin think of sumthin intrestin to say.