Sunday, August 27, 2006

My new blog!

I deesided I wanted to have a blog jest like my bestest frend Skeezix hoo lives far away in Caleefournya. I live on the udder side of the kuntry in Cunneckticut. It iz very perty heer, lotz of treez and hillz and rockz and streemz. But I live inside in a beeutiful apartmint with my foodladee. I am the onlee cat heer so I have the run of the howse. I am glad I got to come live heer cuz now I git all the cat fud to mysef, win I lived in the shelltur I had to shair all the fud wit a hole bunch of udder catz. They wer all bigger then me so I dint always git as much as I wanted to eet. I wuz a littel bit skinnee win my foodladee adopted me but now she sayz I am gitting a rownd little tummee. I hope I dont loos my gurlish figgur, esspeshully now that Skeezix sent me some new sherts!

I spend my dayz hangin owt at home, takin napz or leyeing in the sun. I like to sleep with my foodladee too and in the mowrning I meow at her to git up and feed me! I dont like it win she wantz to sleep lait. I niver useta git ennything but dri fud but now I reely like it win she gives me the stuff in a can that she sayz is called Fancee Feest. It shoor taystis gud!!

Reecintlee we have had a prawblem with fleez, but I think itz gitting bettur. But I noe thoos fleez live in the carpet so I dont like to be on the flore ennymoor. I run like mad so I kin jump up on the furnichur so them fleez can't git me. They make me itch sumthin tearribul!

I am glad my foodladee adopted me, she is the bestest humanbean in the wurld!
I will rite moor soon as I kin think of sumthin intrestin to say.



Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Eclair, we just have more and more in commun. For example, Fancy Feest is the only thing I will eet. And I hate it win the Food Lady and Mr Tasty Face sleep late becuz I neerly keel over frum starving win they do that.
And, it looks like yoo live by a big forest, just like me! Have yoo ever seen a vishus deer?? (I gess maybe that's a silly qweschun, becuz if yoo'd seen one, yoo probly woodn't liv to tell the tale!!)

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

hi! Skeezix tolded us ta come offur here an say hi ta you an so that's what we're doin. this pic-shure looks jus like the pic-shures of us when we was littler 'cept we can't show 'em to you at the moment on account of they're on the Lady's old 'puter an she's gotta get at 'em. by the way...nice claws!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Oh eclair....yer such a beeeutiful kittie in black.

Dont wurrie about the fleez. Its a grate eggscuse to have yer lady pet yoo with a VARY speshal comb that feels vary gud.

Sownds like yoove been trayning yer foodladee quite well. She feeds yoo a lot....NICE!

bat & bandit said...

hi eclair! yew ar a very pritee cat. we hope yew blog sum moer.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Welcome Eclair! You sure are cute. It's been a long time since we were little kittens, but we still like to have fun.

We had problems with fleas too. Since we go in and out, our Mom puts this awful stuff on the back of our necks to kill those nasty fleas and keep new ones from jumping on us. It works good, but we try very hard to lick it off. She would have to put it on the only place our tongues don't reach. . .

~ Jake & Bathsheba

Wm. said...

Hi there! I found out about you from Skeezix.

Yeah, I hear the flea drops on the back of the neck is best. I've never had fleas but my bro got them from my first sister here. Oh, it was terrible he said. Hope you don't really have them.

THE ZOO said...

hi eclair. we wanted to passed along a tip. if you taked a baff in Dawn dishwashing liquid it kills all those nasty ole fleas their eggs too. it werks furry good. as good as advantage or frontline but non toxic. it amkes fleas not want to be on you.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Hi Eclair! Saw you over at Skeezix's page. Welcome to our cat blogging community. Stop over and see us.