Saturday, December 30, 2006

As rekwestid by Grr, Midnight an Cocoa

It seemz they arr maykin a kollekshun of the mugs my ladee heer's wun for Noo Yeer's 2007.

Zazzle wuz bein wyerd to us today an not showin all owr produx so I hope this wun will display for yoo.

No sistur today

My ladee is still feelin prittee bad, or as she sed " I feel like **** [incert bad werd]". She hates bein sik, she sez she is tired of sniffulin, koffin, blowin her noz an feelin like a dishrag. So she calld the sheltur an tole them she wuz sik an wudnt be abul to meet Topaz today. The purrson she tawked to wuz vary nice an wuz glad my ladee wuznt comin to meet Topas if she wuz sik cuz nobuddee thair wants to git a cold. But the purrson also sed that they dont put "holds" on pets so if sumwun caym in today an wantid Topaz an they qwallifyed then Topaz wud go home wif them.
The purrson askt abowt owr vet an purrmisshun frum Ms. Anita owr landladee to haf a pet an seemed vary pleezd win my ladee tole hur she had purrmission an a copee of owr leese sayin so.
Maybee my ladee will feel bettur toomaroh an be abul to go thair. I noe she reely wants to but I also noe she's a littul afrayed that I mite not like Topaz an thin I wohnt bee nice ennymor cuz I'll git mad at hur for bringin anuthur cat into MY hohm. I dunno, I'd like to gif Topaz a try at leest.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Keeping my paws crost

My ladee is sik today, she sez she has a vary bad synus infekshun. She's bin koffing a lot an blowing her noes a lot today an just sittin rownd wachin TeeVee wif me. She's reely hopin that she will feel gud enuff to go to the sheltur toomaroh uthurwyz they mite gif Topaz to sumwun else. I'm gunna mayk her get off the komputur soon an go to bed urlee toonite. I kant wayt to meet my noo sistur!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Thurteen

I'm followin Skeezix topic...13 hilites of the past yeer. Xcept my yeer begins win my ladee brot me home... (not nessessarulee in enny ordur)

1. Meeting my ladee for the furst time
2. Meetin Skeezix
3.My own fud bole that I dont haf to shair wif enny wun
4. Gitting my tinsul wand and nip mowsie
5. Layin in the windoe sill in the sun
6. Gitting to sleep in the peepul bed evry nite
7. My noo kollur and tag
8. Fancee Feest evry day!
9. Gitting to liv in a hyoog apartmint wif my ladee
10. Gitting my own blog
11. Meetin so menny uthur grate kittees in the blogosphere
12. Gitting to be the sentur of attenshun during my ladee's holiday partee
13. Knowin I haf a furevur home and maybee a noo sistur

Maybee a sistur?

My ladee wuz lookin at reskew cats agin last nite sinz we liv too far away to help owt wif the cats Skeezix postid abowt. She cheked the place ware I caym frum but then fownd a sheltur much closur to us. And she fownd this kitty hoo seems like she'd be a nice frend for me. We havint hurd bak from the sheltur yet...but maybee we will soon. Hur naym is Topaz an she is an oreeintul shorthare just like Skeezix. But it looks like Skeezix still wins for biggest frootbat eers.

I hope we heer frum the sheltur soon...if not we hope Topaz fownd a gud home alreddy.
My ladee got an emale frum the sheltur and she is gunna go thair to meet Topaz on Saturday!!
I hope Topaz is nice an gud at shairing.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Wishing Everyone a Joyous, Healthy and Happy Holiday!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Peece on Urth!

Evfun tho we dont all selibrate krismus, this time of yeer shood be wun of peece and luv and hope fer a bettur noo yeer.

Yoo kin get yer own peece globe and join in the peece globe blog blast by going to visit this blog...

Friday, December 22, 2006

The Reezultz of Eclair's Furst Art Kontest!

Blogger is bein weerd tonite. We had a post allreddy to go an Blogger ayt all the grafix. So we had to do it all ovur. The finul winnur is at the end....
Heer's a linkee to the kontest site if yoo want to refresh yoor memoree of all the artwerk

Heer arr efurrywun's awards for the best artwerk in thair catagoree....becuz yoo all deesurv awardz!

Owr winnur's ladee dint think hur artwerk wuz varee gud, but as the big shot art kritics wud say it wuz refreshing and wondurfullee nye-eve in xikewshun. We think that it cood varee well be fraymd an hung in the most xcloosif galluree! It reemindid us of a faymus artist's drawwings.

And now....wif owt furthur adoo......

The Winnur.....


Kongrachewlayshuns!!! Luxor pleez haf yoor ladee git in kontact wif mine abowt klayming hur prizez. She kin emale us at thaeloblue AT gmail DOT com
I am glad evrrywun had a lot of fun bein creeatif, we sirtinlee injoyed seein all the beeyootiful werks of art! To me yoo ARE all winnurs!!!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ofishully Over

My art kontest is now ofishully over! Thankew to all hoo enterd. My ladee sez we will post the resultz tonite aftur she gits home frum werk. So stai tooned fur the big annownzmint!

Happy Winter Solstice, the dayz will start gitting longur now, the SUN is comin bak!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Xcyting Noos!

Sinz we xtendid the dedline til toomorroh we will haf to wayt....unless yoo cant. Letus noe, becuz my ladee werked so hard on the grafix for efurrywun that she wantz to annouwnz the winnur rite away! (She's alwayz had a problum with impayshentz win she's xcytid.) So, yes, that duz meen she wuz abul to pik a winnur (it just caym to her win she wuz werking on the award grafix)...tho she sez yoo arr ALL winnurs and efurrywun's art is fabewlus!! She wishez she cood gif efurrywun a prize but wif krismus coming she cant afford to. So her artwerk in the grafix will haf to be enuff. She hopes yoo will post yer awardz and brag abowt yer entree. Yoo all deesurv a standing ovayshun!

Ennywayz, we kin post the winnur toonite if yoo cant wayt eethur! MoL

I am glad we makd this kontest fur efurrywun becuz we kin see how much fun yoo had bein creeatif! A hooj thankew to all woo enterd! I luv yoo all!

Kontest Updayt

We haf Xtendid the dedline til 12/20 sinz thair haf bin so meny problums posting. So if thair is ennywon else woo wantz to post an entree but cant yoo can emale it to my ladee and she will post it. Emale: thaeloblue AT gmail DOT com

A gift sirtifikat werth $50.00 for a peece of joolree frum the Hot(m)BC's mom woo mayks beeyootiful pendints owt of stones an kristuls wrapt in silver whyer.

A coffee mug wif a wintur deesine frum my ladee at owr Zazzle Shop

My ladee is a bit stressd becuz she thinks evrywun mayd beeyootiful creeashuns and it will be varee hard to pik just wun. So she is gonna mayk sum littul grafix for all the runnerz up in speshul catagoreez that yoo kin post in yer blog if yoo want. Purrsonallee I think yer all winnurz and I'm varee happee yoo enterd my kontest. Thankew to evrywun!!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

My ladee's bin bizzy agin

She made this today...its a prittee scene for the wintur. An yoo kin bye it on a mug at my zazzle shop. Klik the linkee beelo. Wud mayk a nice krismus presint.
She also put this pitchur in a kalindur wif sum othur "primatif" artwerks.

Itz so cold heer today, wuz onlee 19 deegreez this mornin an thair wuz that wite stuff on the grownd. I'm glad I'm an indoor cat. BRRRRR!

pee-ess: the mugs arr on sail fur 9.99 wif free shipping! The sale is ovur. :(

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Zazzle Goodeez

She's bin at it agin. Now I'm on a krismus mug, poster, stamps and teesherts at Zazzle. Maybe this is whut happins to moduls but I dunno, itz kinda embearissing.

We haf 2 entrees so far in our kontest! Cant wayt to see mor.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Meowmy Krismus!

My ladee mayd this Krismus kard yesturday so I cud joyn in the Holiday Pitchur Strowl on Catster. I saw meny of my furfrends had thair pitchurs up thair too!

The bestest thing abowt this pituchur is that I dint haf to poze wif cloze on for it, my ladee yoosd my halloween pitchur an did her magik wif Fotoshop.

Happee Holidays to evrywun!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Chrismiss Wish List

Aftur looking at the pitchur of of Skeez in his snugglee pink swetur, I cheked owt the close on whair Skeezy got his swetur. I deecidid to mayk a wish list so my ladee wud noe whut I wud like fur Chrismiss. So meny pritee things to chews frum...

I think this swetur wif a bow is varee kyoot!

and then fur less dressee dayz, this pink argyul swetur wud be so nice to ware.

this just lookz like so much fun, it mayks me purr!

anuthur kyoot swetur wif snoeflayks.

If I had to go owtsyde in the snoe I wud definitlee want this parka, but thankfullee I will just watch the snoe frum my favrit windoe seet.

an of korz whut gurl wudnt want a mink koat? Wait, a minit....why wud I want a mink koat win I haf my owr elegint an sleek blak fur koat I ware alla time!! It duz look varee sheek tho.

I also so sumthin varee skaree....vishus deer antlurs fur dawgs to ware! Do yoo think the dawgs arr in kahootz wif the vishus deer? I haf herd that sum dawgs dont like catz at all, mebbee they arr plotin sumthin but I hope not. I dont think all dawgs arr bad, do yoo?

An why dont they evfur haf enny catz moduling? I think we need to protest an start owr own cat modulling ajencee. I wud call it Prittee Kittees. We cud all be supurmoduls!!!

Cold but Sunnee

My ladee sez itz suppozed to snoe heer tomaroh. I wuz pritee yung last yeer so I dont reely remembur snoe. She sez I shood be glad I dont haf to go owtside win thairs a foot of snoe on the grownd.

I'm hoping that evrywun is bizzy making thair art creeashuns for my kontest. Cant wayt to see sum entrees git postid. Pleeze let me noe if yoo haf enny trubul postin to the speshul kontest blog, my ladee has bin havin sum passwerd confewshun. MOL

Im also contimplayting riting up an entree to Skeezix's noo kontest for Foodladee of the Yeer. But I feel like Im varee privlidjed an luckee to be livin heer an I dont haf a reely sad storee to tell abowt my adopshun so I am havin a hard time thinkin of sumthin to rite. I just luv my ladee to peeces cuz she is so nice to me an letz me sleep wif her in the peepul bed an feedz me yummee foods but all owr foodladees do that so I dont think it mayks her the Foodladee of the Yeer. To me she is alredy the Foodladee of the Yeer! I noe I mayk her varee happee.

I hope she reeds this cuz she's goin chrismus shoppin today! >^^<