Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Kontest Updayt

We haf Xtendid the dedline til 12/20 sinz thair haf bin so meny problums posting. So if thair is ennywon else woo wantz to post an entree but cant yoo can emale it to my ladee and she will post it. Emale: thaeloblue AT gmail DOT com

A gift sirtifikat werth $50.00 for a peece of joolree frum the Hot(m)BC's mom woo mayks beeyootiful pendints owt of stones an kristuls wrapt in silver whyer.

A coffee mug wif a wintur deesine frum my ladee at owr Zazzle Shop

My ladee is a bit stressd becuz she thinks evrywun mayd beeyootiful creeashuns and it will be varee hard to pik just wun. So she is gonna mayk sum littul grafix for all the runnerz up in speshul catagoreez that yoo kin post in yer blog if yoo want. Purrsonallee I think yer all winnurz and I'm varee happee yoo enterd my kontest. Thankew to evrywun!!!

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Gemini said...

We don't envy you--they are all so furry good.