Saturday, December 30, 2006

No sistur today

My ladee is still feelin prittee bad, or as she sed " I feel like **** [incert bad werd]". She hates bein sik, she sez she is tired of sniffulin, koffin, blowin her noz an feelin like a dishrag. So she calld the sheltur an tole them she wuz sik an wudnt be abul to meet Topaz today. The purrson she tawked to wuz vary nice an wuz glad my ladee wuznt comin to meet Topas if she wuz sik cuz nobuddee thair wants to git a cold. But the purrson also sed that they dont put "holds" on pets so if sumwun caym in today an wantid Topaz an they qwallifyed then Topaz wud go home wif them.
The purrson askt abowt owr vet an purrmisshun frum Ms. Anita owr landladee to haf a pet an seemed vary pleezd win my ladee tole hur she had purrmission an a copee of owr leese sayin so.
Maybee my ladee will feel bettur toomaroh an be abul to go thair. I noe she reely wants to but I also noe she's a littul afrayed that I mite not like Topaz an thin I wohnt bee nice ennymor cuz I'll git mad at hur for bringin anuthur cat into MY hohm. I dunno, I'd like to gif Topaz a try at leest.


Daisy said...

My sister Pixie was mad at me for about a whole month! But then she got used to me and now we are fine. You have to give your new sister a chance.

One-Eyed Jack said...

It's hard for humans to tell sometimes how us cats will like another brother or sister.

My OTW says she's lucky 'cause she KNOWS I like other kitties, since I've had her since I was born and she knows how much I like to play with other kitties.

Did you like other kitties when you were at the shelter? Or at least tolerate them? Or were you hissy with them? 'Cause if you were friendly or at least tolerated them, you'll probably get along with your new sister and your lady can probably not worry too much.

Also, thank you for my Award and for running such a fun contest! I'm sorry I've hardly been able to blog and I kept not getting here! I got a new sister just before Christmas and she's keeping me very busy! She's about your age and she's all black with a tiny white tuft on her belly! I bet she'd like to meet you! And maybe play!

Anonymous said...

all the kitties we know 'bout who been gettin' new brofurs or sisfurs haf been adjustin' just fine, tho sum take a little longer. yur Lady should take sum good cold meddysin an get herself down ta the shelter an give Topaz a fureffur home. oops - sorry. our Lady sez it's rude ta tell offurs what ta do. k - we hope yur Lady feels better furry quick an is able ta get Topaz an ya all live happily effur after. that's whut we ment in the furrst place anyway.

Eclair's Exciting Escapades said...

My ladee has bin cryin sum today, she hates bein sik that much but I think she has been koffen less than she wuz. I keep tryin to snuggul her so she feels bettur an I tole her I wud be nice to Topaz. I got along wif the uthur kitties at the sheltur but the upstares ladee sed I wuz acerting my alfa statis win I wuz up in hur apartmint. Hey I dint ask to go up thair so it mayd me a littul krabbee.
I think my ladee is upset cuz she wuz suppozd to go to a partee toomaroh nite but now she'll be heer alone wif me. I think we kin still haf a happee noo yeer.