Saturday, November 25, 2006

Itz Offishul now.

Heer's the skoop on my furst kontest evfur!

I noe that yer hewmans arr gitting reel bisee this time of yeer, but evrywun needs to tayk time owt for sum fun. My kontest is not for grate masturpeeces of art, just whutevfur yer hewman can wip up. They mite evfun yoos thair prahjekt as a Chrismus presint for sumwun on thair list.

The hole poynt of this is to just haf fun ixpressing yerself creeatiflee. Enny kittees wif an artistik streek arr invitid to entur as well. See the info on the new blog we creeatid just for the kontest.


Friday, November 24, 2006

Midnite Munday

I miss the summer sunshine and opin windoze....

My ladee has an ideeya fur a kontest .... she noes not evrywun is an artist like hur but she noes evrywun can be creeatif. So she's thinkin abowt a kontest whair yoor beans haf to do sum sort of artistik ixpreshun of yoo, like a drawin, or collaj or a skulpchur...sumthin like that. No fotografs, has too be sumthin yoor bean mayd. Efun if yoo think yoor beans coodnt draw a stik figgur inkooraj them to do sumthin! Ask yoor beans if they wood like to do sumthin like that an we will kreeate a kontest for it.
This cood be lotz of funs! She'll evfun come up wif sum sort of prize, maybee not as grand as Skeezix's prizes but no wun outduz Skeezix an I'm not gonna try!

Just anuthur magik Munday

My ladee seemz to like to chanj my blog templayt, so today I haf a noo wun. She addid sum kyoot animaytid pitchurs of sum blak cats to it.

Nuthin too ixcitin goin on today. But the day beefor thankxgivin I got anuthur presint--a Fresh Flow waturing masheen. She saw the linkee on Skeezix paj an deecydid it wood be a gud thing for me too haf. It has a littul slide that the watur trikuls down alla time so the watur is kool an fresh. Itz pritee neet.

The sunshine is owt so Ive just bin sittin in the sunniest windoze mostlee, playd wif my nip mowse an got my monthlee dohz of antee-flee medisin. My ladee also tol me she is gunna mayk a playhowse for me outa the big box my waturing masheen came in. That shood be fun!

My noo klubhowse...more pitchurs to come

I hope evrywun had a nice thankxgivin an got to eet lotz of turkee. Yum.

And kongrats to Smudge for winnin the Tale of Devoshun kontest, his bean reely likes him a lot...of corz thatz how it shood be!

Monday, November 20, 2006

A demonstrashun of gettin along

Evfun if itz totallee aginst owr nachur...

Just like my ladee's favrit Beatle sayz "Give Pease a Chanz"

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Morning Escapades

My ladee sayz one of the reesuns she cant git menny good pitchurs of me is becuz when she's got her camura owt I nevur stop moovin arownd. Maybee I'm embairissed to be on camura? Or maybe I'm just so full of enurgee that I just cant pose qwietlee. I dont noe how Skeezix duz it, efun win I'm just relaxin as soon as the camura coms owt I git up an start runnin arownd.

Heer's a videeo klip to demunstrate....(pee ess--no live spydur plantz wur harmed in this videeo) >^^<

And then she made a montaj of me wif sum nice mewsik...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

HELP!! Calling Skeezix and the FoodLady

My ladee has tried to post her tail of devoshun to me in the kontest but sumhow she cant seem to mayk it werk. I dont noe how to help her on this one, so maybee Skeezix nose the way to do it rite. She sayz she synd in like yoo tole her to but her post wont appeer on the blog. She did manaj to git it postid in the commints sekshun of the diskripshun of the kontest. I noe my ladee iz smart but it seemz eblogger just misstifeyez her sumtimes. Hope yoo can help. Thankew Skeezix.

Monday, November 13, 2006

More Frustrashun!

Owr cabul innernet koneckshun has been down for 2 1/2 days! Tawk abowt wifdrawuls, my ladee wuz startin to git a littul swkirllee. But its werking agin so we haf sum catchin up to do. I'm glad kittees dont haf to deel wif teknahlogee!

Friday, November 10, 2006

A grate partee

Just caym frum Rocky Ann's Democats Viktoree Partee. It wuz grate to rub up aginst all thoz kool cats an tawk abowt owr hopes for owr kuntree. We will keep hopin that in 2008 the Demokrats will tayk the Wite Howse too. The onlee thing that wud mayk us happeeir is if GWB wuz impeechd an if he an all his buddees, like Rove, Cheney and Rumsfeld, wur
arrestid for war krimes. They arr a disgrayce to all gud peepul of Amurika.

And fur thoz not abul to attend the partee, yoo missd grate mewsik, balloons, konfettee, and deelishus cake an bloo shampain!!

Thanx Rocky Ann fur a wundurful time!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Owr innernet koneckshun wuz hosed all day yestiday. We still dont noe whut the problum waz and my ladee is happee thet is wuznt a problum wif her compewter. So we haf lotsa katchin up to do.

Luv to evrywun, espesshully cuz the demokrats took bak the Howse an the Senit!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Peece on Urth!

Evrywun shood noe the peece of snuggulin wif thair beans. Evrywun shood werk toword peece on urth so we kin all liv arr lifes wifowt feer.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Thurteen

I havint bin doin the Thursday thurteen cuz I havint bin abul to think of ennything good to do a list on. But I will tri today.

Thurteen things that mayk me happee:

1. Havin my face rubbed
2. Eetin Fancee Feest
3. Snugglin wif my ladee.
4. Sleepin in the peeple bed
5. Eetin cheez
6. Bloggin
7. Reedin my frends blogs
8. Playin wif my tinsul wand
9. Chewin on the spydur plantz
10. NIP!
11. Watchin teevee frum my ladee's lap
12. Playin wif my littul mowsies
13. Bein luved by my ladee an my frends!

As I sayd wunz befor alltho my ladee buys me lotz o neet toyz, I fownd owt I like homemayd toyz too. Esspeshully a bawl mayd frum tin foyl. Man, thoz thing reely fly win yoo batt em arownd. The onlee problum is they tend to disapeer undurneeth stuff like the cowch. My ladee sayd her old cat namyd Octobur liked tin foyl ballz too and she wuz a blak cat too. Mebbee we arr relaytid?