Friday, November 24, 2006

Just anuthur magik Munday

My ladee seemz to like to chanj my blog templayt, so today I haf a noo wun. She addid sum kyoot animaytid pitchurs of sum blak cats to it.

Nuthin too ixcitin goin on today. But the day beefor thankxgivin I got anuthur presint--a Fresh Flow waturing masheen. She saw the linkee on Skeezix paj an deecydid it wood be a gud thing for me too haf. It has a littul slide that the watur trikuls down alla time so the watur is kool an fresh. Itz pritee neet.

The sunshine is owt so Ive just bin sittin in the sunniest windoze mostlee, playd wif my nip mowse an got my monthlee dohz of antee-flee medisin. My ladee also tol me she is gunna mayk a playhowse for me outa the big box my waturing masheen came in. That shood be fun!

My noo klubhowse...more pitchurs to come

I hope evrywun had a nice thankxgivin an got to eet lotz of turkee. Yum.

And kongrats to Smudge for winnin the Tale of Devoshun kontest, his bean reely likes him a lot...of corz thatz how it shood be!