Friday, November 10, 2006

A grate partee

Just caym frum Rocky Ann's Democats Viktoree Partee. It wuz grate to rub up aginst all thoz kool cats an tawk abowt owr hopes for owr kuntree. We will keep hopin that in 2008 the Demokrats will tayk the Wite Howse too. The onlee thing that wud mayk us happeeir is if GWB wuz impeechd an if he an all his buddees, like Rove, Cheney and Rumsfeld, wur
arrestid for war krimes. They arr a disgrayce to all gud peepul of Amurika.

And fur thoz not abul to attend the partee, yoo missd grate mewsik, balloons, konfettee, and deelishus cake an bloo shampain!!

Thanx Rocky Ann fur a wundurful time!!

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Lux said...

Well darn, I'm sorry I missed *that party!!!