Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I must konfess

I havint bin varee gud latlee abowt reedin my uthur frends blogs xcep for Skeezix. My ladee sez itz reelee her fawlt cuz she is hoggin the kompooter alla time. But maybee if I wuz mor asirtif I cud stay in touch bettur wif my frendz an maybee I wudint haf lost Skeezix to Daisy. But itz ok cuz I thinks they mayk a varee kyoot cuppul an I hope Skeezix gits Daisy to be his valintyne. If not...I'm still avalahbul. >^..^<
I cud preetind that Tira is Skeezix cuz she duz haf sum markings like him....but that wud bee kinda weerd. I gess I wont menshun that to Tira.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Wintur is fynullee heer

Itz gottin reelee cold owtside now an it evfun snoed abowt an inch 2 daze ago. Today the sun is owt but it is varee windee. I kin feel the wind comin into owt howse undur the door. Itz so chillee that I wish we had wun of thoze heetid cat beds like Skeezix has. It wud be nice to snuggul wif Tira but she isint kwyte into that yet. But she iz tryin to tayk ovur my teritoree on the peepul bed! The last too nites she has slept up thair wif me, she slept on wun side of my ladee an I slept on the uthur. So long as she beehayvs hersef I gess itz ok if she stays.

My ladee sez Tira is a fystee thing. Sumtimes she'll start actin weerd like she did win she furst got heer. She archez her bak and duz this silly sidewayz run at me tryin to be so feerce. But she's reelee a skardee cat cuz she'll try to bop me an then run away. I hewmur her by gittin into the act by krowchin down an pretindin to stawk her.

One gud thing she did wuz last nite, she got beehind the furnitchure that the big blak box wif movin pitchurs sitz on and wif much purrsiveeranz she got owt sum of the toys that wur stuk under thair! Gud werk Tira! But she can still be a pest sumtimes.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I noe I've been gitting lazee...

I havint posted evry day becuz I bin havin lotz of fun wif Tira. She is so sillee. We play the chais gaym an she tryz to be so feerce, she will run up to me an try to bop me then she runz away fast. I am gitting a lot mor xursize than I yoosd to but jenuralee she's bin lotz of fun to haf arownd.

At leest she hazint tryd to tayk ovur my spot in the peepul bed but she duz think win the ladee gohz to bed itz time to run wild. But aftur a bit of fun I go kurl up wif my ladee an sleep.

Itz kinda gloomee an rainee heer today. Gud day to just relaks an tayk naps.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

We alreddy noe that cats arr of the airistokracee!

Heer's my noo title (thankew for the link, Skeezix!)

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Milady the Right Reverend Eclair the Brobdingnagian of Lardle St Earache
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Playin toogethur

Me an Tira haf bin playin a gaym tonite wich we call "I Chais Yoo, Yoo Chais Me". Itz a lot of fun an gud xsursize. I havint had fun like this in a long time. Tira has also lernd how to go in the kitchin an meeow for treets like me so now we kin dubbul teem the ladee.
I also like the noo toy that the sheltur gav my ladee win she got Tira. Itz calld a Cat Dansir an itz varee much fun.
My ladee is feelin much bettur now an she sed she is goin back to werk toomaroh. I hope Tira duzint git us in enny trubul.

Well I gotta go chais Tira summor....

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Noo cat update

Things arr goin well heer in the howse of the deessurt cats. Tira is gettin boldur abowt comin owt of her rume althow she is still suspishus of me . I giv her wide berth an hav not bin reminding her that this wuz MY home furst! I think she's startin to warm up to me tho. She's evun bin playin wif her toyz a littul bit. The weerdist thing tho is the fakt she duznt seem to like fancee feest! I dont noe how that cood be possibul but she likes the crunchee fud bettur. Oh well, mor for me.

Anywayz she's bin bein a krazee cat this mornin, runnin and jumpin all ovur the place. I hope soo she will let me play wif her but I will be payshunt.

And yesturday my ladee mayd Tira a new blog but becuz it wuz gittin tangulled up wif mine she had to deleet it an start ovur aftur she got Tira her own emale addriss. I will be helpin my ladee git sum mor pitchurs of Tira today, xcept I dont noe whair she is hidin rite now.
Heer's her noo blog:


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Noo name

Things arr goin prittee gud heer wif my noo sistur. She's let me come as cloze as her noze for a minit befor she hissed and bakked away frum me. But that's progress. She's still askeerd of comin owt of the uthur bedrume, wich I think she feels safe in. I go in an ckek on her evry now and then.
I keep forgittin not to bak her into a kornur (wich I dont do, she baks hersef into it whyel I'm jus standin thair tryin to be frendlee) so she's still not comfortabul wif me. I noe she will be eventchewallee.

But today my ladee deesidid to changj her name frum Topaz to Tiramisu. Topaz just dint fit her, so my ladee thot. She calld owt the name Tira and my noo sistur looked up rite away. My ladee sez it also keeps up the theem of sweetness. I dunno, but Tira isnt as sweet as me rite now!

Then my ladee mayd a Catster site for Tira and started a blogsite heer. I cant wayt to be frends wif Tira so we kin play and snuggul.

Friday, January 05, 2007

My noo sistur is heer

My ladee wint to the sheltur this afturnoon. She met Topaz hoo is vary pritee but vary shy. She wud play a littul bit then bak into her bed an akt skeerd. My ladee also met anuthur cat naymd Lance hoo she liked a lot too. Lance wuz frendlee an let my ladee hold him for a bit. So thin she wuz torn beetween the 2 cats. She wint bak to try to mayk frends wif Topaz agin an Topaz wuz a littul less skeerd. So my ladee thot Topaz reelee needid a loving home so she pikked her. Topaz wuz gud the hole ride home an I kep my promiss to bee nice but so far Topaz duznt seem to like me, she keeps hissing at me. I dint do nuffin! I just tryd to bee hur frend. My ladee sez it may tayk awhyel for Topaz to relaks so for now she is in the uthur bedroom wif her own littur box and fud an watur an her kittee bed. It seemz that Topaz has had a bit of a ruff life so far, she had 2 kittenz win she wuz less than a yeer old and then dumpd at the sheltur wif her kittenz. Her kittenz wur just adoptid a kuppul weeks ago win they wur almos 4 muntz old. So maybee Topaz is missin her babeez too. Ennyways, I think she is vary prittee an I hope she will eevenchewallee be my frend.

Topaz hiding next to the bed in the uthur bedroom. She has varee pritee bloo eyz.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thurteen

Thirteen Things about Eclair

13 Things I will do wif my noo sistur (win she gits heer)

1. Say hello as kalmlee as I kin.
2. Tawk to her throo the bedroom door
3. Shair my Fancee Feest wif her
4. Introdoos her to the spydur plantz
5. Show her whair the toy baskit is
6. Mayk sure she nose whair the littur box is
7. Tell her not to choo on the fone kord
8. Demonstrait how to git mor treetz frum the Ladee
9. Win we git bettur akqwayntid do sum mewchewal groooming
10. Introdoos her to all my innernet bloggosfeer frends
11. Help her mayk her own blogsite
12. Shair my catnip mowsey wif her
13. Haf lots of fun playin togethur

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happee Noo Yeer

Well, I coodnt post yesturday becuz evry time it raynes owr innernet gohz away. The upstares ladee has calld the kompanee abowt it but they keep tellin her they cant find ennything rong. I dont think they reely lookd. I meen, rayne = wetness so sumthin owtside must be doin sumthin to owr innernet whyerz. Itz gitting varee annoyin to say the leest.

So I endid up bein alone for noo yeers cuz my ladee's frends insistid that she had to come to thair howse an they evfun offurred to come git her (an owr long drive). My ladee deesydid she felt ok enuff to drive so she pakd a blue bad, slipped me sum treets and sneeked owt the door. I wuz ok tho, I slept. But I wuz a littul purrrturrbd win she caym home yesturday afturnoon wich throo my stinkee gudness off skedjewel. But she cudduled me lots so I forgivved her.

An she fownd owt we still haf a chanz to adopt Topaz! The sheltur emaled my ladee an sed wun of the volunteerz cud meet her thair on Frydy afturnoon sinz no wun adoptid Topaz ovur the weekend. (The sheltur is onlee opin on the weekend). So now we haf to git reddy for my noo sistur....letz see, I gots to mayk a welcom hohm card, pik owt sum of my toyz to gif her, rite her naym on the klubhowse, mayk shoor we gots enuff nip on hand...

My ladee sez Topaz will git to haf the secund bedroom to hersef for a kuppul dayz til we git yoosd to eechuthur. Duz ennywun haf enny suggestshuns abowt the best way to introdooce me an Topaz?