Saturday, January 06, 2007

Noo name

Things arr goin prittee gud heer wif my noo sistur. She's let me come as cloze as her noze for a minit befor she hissed and bakked away frum me. But that's progress. She's still askeerd of comin owt of the uthur bedrume, wich I think she feels safe in. I go in an ckek on her evry now and then.
I keep forgittin not to bak her into a kornur (wich I dont do, she baks hersef into it whyel I'm jus standin thair tryin to be frendlee) so she's still not comfortabul wif me. I noe she will be eventchewallee.

But today my ladee deesidid to changj her name frum Topaz to Tiramisu. Topaz just dint fit her, so my ladee thot. She calld owt the name Tira and my noo sistur looked up rite away. My ladee sez it also keeps up the theem of sweetness. I dunno, but Tira isnt as sweet as me rite now!

Then my ladee mayd a Catster site for Tira and started a blogsite heer. I cant wayt to be frends wif Tira so we kin play and snuggul.


Jake and Bathsheba said...

That's a good name for her and we like the shortened version. Having themed names will make it easier for us to remember you're sisters.


Daisy said...

Oh, Tiramisu is a very good name! And, a delicious dessert...

Anonymous said...

that's a purrty nice name!