Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Me as a skaree halloween kittee

My ladee luvs to do things to pitchurs wif Fotoshop. This is whut she did to me!! I am deemun kittee, heer me roar!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Midnite Munday

Itz aftur midnite now so itz munday and my poor ladee just got hohm frum werk. She sayd she had an awfil bizee nite an her bak herts. Wish I cud massaj it for her but I'll just snuggul in her lap.

Anywayz heer's my midnite munday pitchur

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Gluemee day

Itz raynin, itz bin rayin all nite an day now. I prefur the sunshiney dayz. I will problee be takin lotz of napz today. My ladee has to go to that place she callz werk today too so I cant even nap wif her. Sumtimez she gits to come hohm errlee but she sayz she problee wont git to tonite. Itz pritee boring arownd heer win she's not hohm.
I wish sum of my blog-frends cud come ovur to play wif me, but evrywun lives so far away.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I mist midnite munday!

I had a lonelee weekind becuz my ladee packt her travlin bag and put owt a big bole of krunchee fud an leff me all alown. She did come bak hohm onlee aftur wun nite away so it wuznt too bad but I mist cuddulin wif her at nite in the peepol bed. Anywayz, yestiday wuz munday an I dint noe it an my ladee wint owt agin to werk. She wuz too tyerd win she came hohm to help me blog. I gess she duzint git to tayk a lot of naps like I do.
So I'm gunna post my midnite munday pic now.

I think I look veree feerse in this pitchur. I wud like to be xceptid into the Howse Panthurs grup but I dont noe how to join. Maybee Grr, Midnight an Cocoa kin put in a gud werd for me.

Ok, I've gots to get my ladee motivaytid to go to the stor cuz weer all owta Fancee Feest an that jus wont do!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Just befor we wint to bed...

Me an my laydee fownd theez funnee pitchurs of catz....

If yoo want to see them all clik HEER

Friday, October 20, 2006

Its so gud to snuggul wif my ladee but why wont she let me sleep on her hed?

And we wuz lookin at that Paws Palace playz that Kismet and Skeezix ordured thair robes frum. I fownd this beeyooteeful dress but my ladee sayz itz a littul too Xpensiv espeshully sinz I dont like waring cloze veree much. But it is veree prittee.

Monday, October 16, 2006

My noo toy

My ladee bies me lotsa neet toyz but last nite I fownd wun all by mysef...it wuz so much fun to play wif an I jus fownd it on the flore. It wuz crinklee and lite, jus rite for battin arownd. I think my ladee calld it a peece of sellofane. I had a gud time wif it xcept I think my ladee wuz a bit anoyed win I started playin wif it in the bedrume win she wanted to go to sleep. I cant seem to find it this mornin, I wunder whair it wint?

And on the gud adviz of Skeezix my ladee maked a shop on sumthin calld Zazzle. Yoo can git stuff wif my pitchur on it in my halloween kostume. Thair are teeshurts an mugs an pohscards and regoolur cards an a postur. I think this has inspyerd my ladee to tayk more pitchurs of me an mayk cards and stuff. I hope Skeezix dont mind.

Heer's a link to our shopp TDT Designs on Zazzle

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Vote for Me!

Skeezix makd a prittee linkee to the kontest paj but my ladee cudn't figgur owt how to put it on my blog xcept bi postin it heer. She sayz that CeeEssEss just iznt her thing, she's bettur at just playn ol AychTeeEmmEL.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Sumbudee pleez xplayn to me an my ladee whair to uplode my pitchur for the Holloween Kontest! My ladee sayz she red all the instrukshuns 3 or 4 tymz but cant figgur owt whair to post my pitchur!

I think I'll post it heer for now.
My ladee mayd it all fancee using Fotoshop. Unfoortoonitlee I did not like pozin for my pitchur, I am still not too crazee abowt waring cloze.

Gittin a bit lazee

It seemz my ladee has bin verree bizzee this week so I havint bin abul to blog much. She wuz gawn for 3 dayz ovur the weekend an I missed her so much. But I wuz verree happee win she got hohm, even tho I gots to play wif the kittees upstares agin. Their foodladee tole myne that I am an "alfa cat" sinz I did happin to try to assurt my rites like I wuz still at hohm. Well I AM the ruler of my hohm an the partment upstares looks just like owers, cept for diffurint furnichur, I gess I got a littul bit confewzed.

My ladee promist me that she wud get my costoom dun toomorra so I kin get entured into Skeezix'z contest. But aftur seein Nitro dressd up as Skeezix I think he shud be the winnur! What a grate costoom! So I'm gunna tell my ladee to git to bed now so she will be abul to mayk me a grate costoom toomorra.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My THursday Thurteen

Heerz whut my day is yoosyooally like:

1. Eet Fancee Feast (I luv all the flavurs) for brekfust.
2. Look owt the compooter rume windoe to keep an eye on the dawgs acrost the street.
3. Yowl at my ladee for pets an snugguls.
4. Play wif my nip blankee.
5. Eet sum crunchee fud.
6. Nap in the windoe sill (when its warm)
7. Skratch.
8. Run wild thru the howse a few timez
9. Look owt the bedrume windoe.
10. Sit on the edge of the big wite watur tub win my ladee is using the peeple pottee.
11. Nap on my ladee's lap win she's tappin on the compooter keez.
12. Wine for mor Fancee Feast (it never works)
13. Read evreewun's blog and sumtimes write in mine.

14. Today is speshul so I sang happee birfday to my ladee wich is not sumthin I do evree thursday.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Skeezix's Halloween Costoom Contest

My ladee shode me sum ixampuls of the Halloween costooms she makd fer her dawter win her dawter wuz a littul gurl. I hope she will mayk me wun just as nice. I peekted in a bag she caym home wif the uthur day an saw a patturn. This will be my furst Halloween gitting dressed up, I noe it will be fun.

Heer's the pitchurs of my ladee's dawter, hoo is reely my big hoomun sistur.
Halloween Thru Time

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sleepee Sunday

My ladee dint feel gud today so she layd on the cowch most of the day and napped wif the talkin blak box on. I snugguled on top of her to mayk shoor she wuz ok. But win she finallee waked up I got confoozed an thot it wuz morning wich meens itz time to EET! So I yowld for awhyl until she gived me sum treets. Then I reealized that it wuzn't morning. I thot maybee I cood get anuthur can of fancee feest but my ladee wuzn't fooled.

I also fownd owt my ladee's birfday is on Fursday. I dont noe whut I am gunna git her!!