Saturday, September 30, 2006

I'm not tryin to bee a kopeecat...

My ladee just maked a videeo of me an my noo blankee to shoh yoo how much I luv it. Now that she has figgured owt YouToob I bet she will start wantin me to star in manee videeos. But we dont haf the perfesshunal edditing ekwipment like Skeezix has so thair wont be music or credits.

Heer's my furst starring roll...or maybee this is just a skreentest.

Warm fuzzsees

My ladee watchid this videeo an thot othurs mite like it mayks yoo feel all happee and smilee.

Friday, September 29, 2006

anuthur prezint for mee!

My ladee sended Skeezix this for his birfday an she thot I mite like wun too, so she ordered it. It arrivd today! Itz a littul fleecee blankit that has nip stufft inside. I wint crazee for it (just like Skeezix said Mao did!) I like gitting prezints like this. I luv my ladee sooooo much!

My ladee herd frum the Simeeze Reskue people an we arr thurd in line for the kittee named Snow. But even if we dont git her I am shur we will find anuther kittee to be my frend and playtime/snuggul buddee. I hope so soon cuz itz gitting reelee cold heer. My ladee clozed all the windoes today cuz she sayd itz gunna get down to 34 deegrees tonite! But we will keep eech uthur warm.

A noo sistur?

Toonite win my ladee got hohm frum werk we sat an cudduled at the kumpooter while we lookt at Siamese Rescue to find a noo sistur or bruther for mee. Thair is a cat named Snow hoo is a flaimpoynt meezer hoo is 8 montz old an needs a hohm. She lives in Masseechewsetz rite now. My ladee filld owt an apleecashun an now we haf to wate to heer frum the peepuls hoo are takin care of Snow. Thair wur sum othur meezers hoo needed forever hohms thair too. Eethur way, we will find a cat to come live wif us. I think it wud be so much fun to haf a frend to snuggul wif just like all my othur cat frends heer.

And all of this is cuz my ladee fownd Skeezix on the innernet! Skeezix shud be given an award for helpin cats like mee find a forevur hohm. We fownd Siamese Rescue frum a clikky link on Latte's blogpaje.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

My trip to see the vet man.

Well...its wuzint too bad, xcept that I throed up in the blak masheen. I think it wuz all the curvee rodes an my ladee driving rownd em too fast cuz we wur layt. It wuz kinda weeurd bein in the big pursss but not aweful until I throed up. My ladee kep sayin "i'm sorree, Eclair" but I gess I'm jus not usedta ridin in the blak masheen wif a full stomack.

So we got thair and aftur the ladee filld owt sum papurs they takd us to a littul rume. I got to git owt of the big pursss then an snoop arownd the rume. A ladee came in an put me on a littul tray an sum red numburs sayd I now way 8 pownds! Gess itz all that Fancee Feest. Then she coomd me to see if I did still haf fleez but she onlee got wun. I'm still itchee tho. Then she left and soon the vet man came in....Xcept it wuz a vet ladee! She put sum medisin on my neck an gave my ladee sum stuff to sprae on the rugz. They wur all verree nice to mee, dint do anything that hurted. The vet ladee sayd she will see me in Febrooairy win my shots are doo. I dont think I will like that.

The ride hohm wuz uneevintful but I cudnt wayt to git out of the big pursss cuz it wuz kinda stinkee frum my thro up. Then my ladee gave me more Fancee Feest (turkee in gravee) cinz I throwed up all my brekfast. The rest of the day wuz kwiet, we just relackxd an wachtd sum stuff on the blak talkin box.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I dinnt think it wuz my birfday...

My ladee came hohm wif a hole bunch of stuff that she said wuz for mee cuz tomarrow I haf to go see the vet man. Itz abowt my continooyed itchees. So she baut mee a noo koller wif a littul danglee thing on it. She sayz it has my naym an fone numbur in case I gits lost. I nevfur go owtside so I dont noe how I wud git lost. She had to git me a noo koller becuz I hid my old koller sumwhair and even I dont noe whair it is! The noo koller is purpul and blak wif a littul saftee thing that my ladee sayz is a yin and yang simbul. I gess she's into that stuff.
She also bawt me a crinklee ball and sum treets and 2 thing that I suspeckt she is gunna yoos for my Haloween costoom. I almos fergitted...she got me a skratchee kardbord thing but so far i'm not impressd wif it, I prefur the big chare in the livinrume.

But the thing I'm most kurius abowt is this thing that looks like a big pursss wif sides yoo can see thru. I haf a feelin itz like the kardbord box that Skeezix and Rocky the gutter cat haf to git in win they go see the vet man. Maybe I'll chek it owt latur, she conveeneentlee left it on the flore for me.

Heer's sum pitchurs of me todae wif my noo koller.
Goin to sit in my favrite windoe sill now.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fall is heer

Itz gitting coldur at nite now an the leefs arr terning all prittee colurs. I'm glad my foodladee letz me sleep wif her in the peepul bed, I much prefur it to sleeping all by mysef. I dont haf wun speshul playce I like to sleep, I move arownd to differint spots, rite now I kinda like kurling up on the foodladee's desk win she has the lamp turned on, itz warm thair. Win she's not hohm I like the big fluffee komfertur thatz fohldid on the peepul bed in the othur bedroom. Itz gitting too cold to sit in the windoe sill enny moor.

Fall is my foodladee's favritist time of the yeer. Maybee she will tayk me out for a ride in her blak masheen outside the howse. I will tell her to tayk some prittee pitchurs to show evrywon.

Today she wuz supposd to go to sumthin called a Renaysonz Fayr but a big rain storm wif lotz of cold winds kept her from going. She wuz kinda bummed but she sayd her joyntz hurt too much. I will haf to snuggul wif her to keep her joyntz frum hurtin. She lookt reel pritee in sum funny clowse she tryd on yesturday. I wundered how she cud breeth havin her bodee skweezed like that by sumthin she calld a bodiss. She sayd she'd give me a pitchur of herself in those funnee clowse so I kin show evrybodee.
She wuz gunna tayk that baskit an maybee the nex time she goez she cud put me in the baskit an tayk me wif her.

So maynlee today we just sat arownd an wachid sum movee in the blak box in the livinrume. I like it win she wachez that thing cuz she alwayz letz me cuddul on her lap. She musta felt bettur latur cuz thin she wuz cleening in the fud room aftur wee wachted sum show abowt fud rooms an sumthin calld jermz. A man bean rubbed a fuzzee stik on the boll whair the watur comez owt an sayd he gru sumthin calld en-tearo-bak-tur jermz frum the stik. To kill them (I gess jermz arr bad things) yoo haf to sprae sumthin calld bleech on evrything. The foodladee sayd that jermz kin mayk yoo sik so I gess itz a gud thing she spraed evrything cleen.

Time to eet and tayk a nap.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I almost got a big bruthur

The foodladee wint to visit sum frends of herz hoo wur havin a partee to sellibrate the awtumnul eekwinnox (whutever that is). 2 of her frends have a big Main Koon cat hoo they luv a lot but have diskoffered thair son has allurgees to. So they asked if ennyone of thair frends wantid anuthur cat. They brawt him to the partee so evrywun cud meet him. (Dozint seem fair that he got to go to a partee and I dint even git to go to Skeezix's birfday bash). The foodladee almost brawt him hohm but she deecided he wuz just too big an had too much fur. She sayd he mayd abowt 3 of mee! But he wuz verree sweet an afeckshunit just like me so it wuz hard for her to not bring him hohm.

I kinda like beein the queen cat here but sumone to keep me kumpanee wud be nice too, tho a cat 3 timz my size mite haf skaird me! I think maybee my foodladee will git anuthur cat sumday. Maybee a babee sistur wud be nice.

I wish I cud haf gone to Skeezix' birfday partee. I red his blog abowt it an it sownds like it wuz veree veree fun. I hope he liked my presint.

Monday, September 11, 2006

As yoo reekwestid

I bugged my foodladee to let mee sho off sum of her art but she sayd most of it is not on this kumpooter. But she fownd wun foto she took win she went to Italee last May befor she adoptid mee. then she fownd anuthur pitchur I cood post. She likes to tayk fotos and chainj them wif sumthing she callz fotoshop. She sayd this pitchur wuz aktooallee takin in the summur! But she maked it look like a veree cold wintur day.

Here they arr...

deetail of a big cherch in Floorinz, Italee

wintur in konnetikut

Sunday, September 10, 2006

howse cleenin

The foodladee wuz verree bissee today. She makded a big mess in the kumpooter rooom an had papr all ovur the flore. I had lotz of fun playin in it. Aftur awhyle she throoed away a lot of papr an makded evree thing all neet agin. She put a noo baskit on a bookase by her kumpooter an I discovured it is the purrfict playce to kurl up an nap win she's tappin on thoz keeys. I haf her tayk diktayshun frum me sinz itz hard for mee to tipe verree gud.

She also sayz she wantd to thank evrywun woo sayd nice things to her win Victor went to the Rayneboe Bridj. she reely appreesheaatid it. I mayd shoor to purr reely lowd an snuggul wif her an she seemz to be happee agin. She is wurkin on a didjitul poortrayt of him for her dawtur. My foodladee mayks lotz of art. she sayz she's gunna mayk a pitchur of mee too.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Relaczing in the sun

Itz bin a qwiet day today, the sun is shinin so I bin layin in the windoe sil katchin sum rayz. The foodladee wint shoppin for sum birfday presints for her dawtur woo will be 22 on the 12ft. She is bak in Ilynoys in kollej. I dunt think the foodladee bowt mee ennything but she caym hohm wif a sanwich that smellz reel gud. I think I'll go play wif my nip mowsy an enjoi the sun befor it goez away.

Monday, September 04, 2006

heer is my bruthur whooz gone to the Rayneboe Bridj

Victor, a verree gud dawg.
January1992- September 2006

Sittin in the grass in the sunshyne befor he went to sleep an to the Raynboe Bridj wair he is chasin his ropey an eeting all the treets he wantz.

The foodladee is sad today

My foodladee tole me that I haf an oldur bruthur, a dawg named Victor. She sayd she got him a long time ago win she still lived in Ilynoy. Victor dint moov to Konnetikut with her but stayd in Ilynoy wif her dawter's dad. She says he wuz a gud dawg, kinda like me...loves evryone, loves to be petted and cuddled, liked to play fetch. But Victor is 14 years old and he got sik. She tole me they took Victor to the animul doktur and the doktur tryd to mayk him bettur. But aftur beeing in the animul hospitul for 3 dayz gitting medicyn and IVs, he dint git bettur. She is cryin an tole mee that Victor is goin to the Raynbow Brij today. Her dawtur and her dawter's dad will be wif Victor to say gudbyee.
Even tho he wuz a dawg, he sownds like he wuz a gud one and evryone is sad that he is goin away. I will try to give my foodladed xtra snuggles today to help her feel bettur.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

maybee she's mad at mee?

I dohnt noe why this happind but today the foodladee dint give me enny Fancee Feest. Win I got to my bole all that wuz in it wuz the kerunchee fude stuffs. Win I lived in the sheltur kerunchee fude wuz all I ever got, but now the foodladee sayz I am "spoyeld" sinz she's bin givin me Fancee Feest and I luv it so much. So this mornin aftur I hollerd for her to git up and feed mee, she kep sayin "i'm sorree Eclair, i need to go to the fudstore and git more Fancee Feest" and then she put my bowl down filled with only kerunchee fud. I wuz hungree so I finallee eeted sum, but I want my fancee feest back! mebbee I am spoyeld?

Friday, September 01, 2006


My foodlaydee has such a big heart, she deesided she cud not wayt to help Buddy so she sent the munee just a littul wyle ago. I hope it helps makd Buddy moor comfertabul in his sanchewtairy wair he lives. I seekritly think my foodlaydee wants to git me anuthur frend to live wif us, I'm not shur how I feel abowt that yet but maybe it wud be nice to haf sumbudee to play wif win she's not hohm. Then she mayd me this pritee name thing aftur she saw the link on Rocky Ann's paj.

Glittery texts by

I got ANUTHUR blog!

My foodlaydee wantd to mayk me a MySpace site so I cud meet moor noo frends thair (Skeezix has a site thair) but fur sum reeson it tole her I wuz inLijabul to haf an akownt. We cant figgur owt why eethur. Oh well. So she mayd me my own paj at LiveGernal and itz PINK too! Yoo can look at it by cliking HEER .
I think I will bee verry bizee tryin to blog in all theez plasezes, it takes up a lot of tyme justa reed all my frends blogs. But its a lot of fun.

Last nite sumthin reel embearissin happind to me. My foodlaydee wuz yellin at her compootur cuz she wuz tryin to get the wyerless rowtur (whutever that is!) re-configgured sinz her frend upstares got a bettur rowtur thing so we dunt get diskonnectd so much. Well, I wantd to sit in her lap like I yoosuallee do win she's tappin on the keybord but I think she wuz too frustraytd to let me just then. I wuz standin on top of a littul bookshef and I slipt an fell into the payper garbaj can! I jumpt owt reely fast but I think I skard my foodladee. She jumpt up an asktd me if I wuz alrite. By then I wuz alredy sittin by my windoe tryin to pretind it dint happen.

An Skeezix has inspyrd me an my foodlaydee to save sum munee so we kin sponser a kitty hoo needs help. I pict one owt, he wuz all wite an had a verry hard life. His name is Buddy. I hope we kin send him sum munee soon. Yoo kin go HEER to sponser a cat hoo needs it. That's his pitchur up thair. I kinda wish he cud come live wif us. But we will just bee his pinpals.