Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I dinnt think it wuz my birfday...

My ladee came hohm wif a hole bunch of stuff that she said wuz for mee cuz tomarrow I haf to go see the vet man. Itz abowt my continooyed itchees. So she baut mee a noo koller wif a littul danglee thing on it. She sayz it has my naym an fone numbur in case I gits lost. I nevfur go owtside so I dont noe how I wud git lost. She had to git me a noo koller becuz I hid my old koller sumwhair and even I dont noe whair it is! The noo koller is purpul and blak wif a littul saftee thing that my ladee sayz is a yin and yang simbul. I gess she's into that stuff.
She also bawt me a crinklee ball and sum treets and 2 thing that I suspeckt she is gunna yoos for my Haloween costoom. I almos fergitted...she got me a skratchee kardbord thing but so far i'm not impressd wif it, I prefur the big chare in the livinrume.

But the thing I'm most kurius abowt is this thing that looks like a big pursss wif sides yoo can see thru. I haf a feelin itz like the kardbord box that Skeezix and Rocky the gutter cat haf to git in win they go see the vet man. Maybe I'll chek it owt latur, she conveeneentlee left it on the flore for me.

Heer's sum pitchurs of me todae wif my noo koller.
Goin to sit in my favrite windoe sill now.



one of the pierce kitties said...

sometimes beans gives us goodies even when it isn't birthday time. it just means they likes us reeeeeal good! enjoy them and don't worry! c'mon ofur to our place and leave a couple of captions for our picture!


*what, nels? what's a nulteereeyer motiff? oh, don't be silly.*

Rosie & Cheeto said...

We dont like owr collurs but we half to ware them when we go to the vet. Glad to hear yoo have insentive to be a gud kittie tomorrow.

Be brave, vary brave!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...


Latte said...

We don't have collars but that is a really pretty one! If I got out at the vets office they would all know who I was. Heck, they call every Siamese cat there Latte 'cause I've been there so much.

That's very nice of your mom to get you presents. I always just get shoved in the box.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

You look lovely in your new collar. Mine is pink & black and I've gotten out of it twice this week! But Mom found it both times. Dad says I prefer to run around in my purrthday suit! Hahahaha.

Your friend
Misty E