Friday, September 01, 2006

I got ANUTHUR blog!

My foodlaydee wantd to mayk me a MySpace site so I cud meet moor noo frends thair (Skeezix has a site thair) but fur sum reeson it tole her I wuz inLijabul to haf an akownt. We cant figgur owt why eethur. Oh well. So she mayd me my own paj at LiveGernal and itz PINK too! Yoo can look at it by cliking HEER .
I think I will bee verry bizee tryin to blog in all theez plasezes, it takes up a lot of tyme justa reed all my frends blogs. But its a lot of fun.

Last nite sumthin reel embearissin happind to me. My foodlaydee wuz yellin at her compootur cuz she wuz tryin to get the wyerless rowtur (whutever that is!) re-configgured sinz her frend upstares got a bettur rowtur thing so we dunt get diskonnectd so much. Well, I wantd to sit in her lap like I yoosuallee do win she's tappin on the keybord but I think she wuz too frustraytd to let me just then. I wuz standin on top of a littul bookshef and I slipt an fell into the payper garbaj can! I jumpt owt reely fast but I think I skard my foodladee. She jumpt up an asktd me if I wuz alrite. By then I wuz alredy sittin by my windoe tryin to pretind it dint happen.

An Skeezix has inspyrd me an my foodlaydee to save sum munee so we kin sponser a kitty hoo needs help. I pict one owt, he wuz all wite an had a verry hard life. His name is Buddy. I hope we kin send him sum munee soon. Yoo kin go HEER to sponser a cat hoo needs it. That's his pitchur up thair. I kinda wish he cud come live wif us. But we will just bee his pinpals.


Rosie & Cheeto said...

We wont admit it but we have bowth fallin into the garbaj can befour too. Yoo did the rite thing by jumpin owt and acting lik yoo ment to do it.

Its vary vary hard to be so populur, isnt it?!?!? :-)

Karen said...

such a cutie! we went ta the site an we wants ta sponsor Ash

Karen said...

okay - that didn't work out just right. that's the Lady's name. we are Grr, Midnight & Cocoa - not Karen

Rocky the Gutter Cat said...

This is Skeezix. Rocky the Gutter Cat let me use his login since I can't leeve a comment on yer blog (I'm not using the beta blog -- that's a reel mess.)

Anyway, the trik with myspace is to use yer lady's birthdate insted of yer own, since they don't let yung peeple sine up. I wasn't shoor I wanted to do that becuz it was kinda like lying, but the Food Lady sed it was okay for just this time. So see if yoo can use yer food lady's berthdate.

Grr, Midnight and Cocoa left me a messije, saying, "we can't comment on our new furrend Eclair's bloggie - prolly on account of the Beta fing an we're furry upset. we're gonna havta set up a whole nuther beta thing. if ya talk ta her, tell her we tried ta stop by an say hi. thanks!"

Yer frend,
Skeezix the Cat

Eric and Flynn said...

We knows it can be emburrasing when yoo fall in the garbij, but if yoo just say it looks like a mousie in theer then yoo will be a hero.
Furrom Eric and Flynn

Eric and Flynn said...

Hey we's just gots a google account an it wurkd!!! Now we can do our comments.