Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fall is heer

Itz gitting coldur at nite now an the leefs arr terning all prittee colurs. I'm glad my foodladee letz me sleep wif her in the peepul bed, I much prefur it to sleeping all by mysef. I dont haf wun speshul playce I like to sleep, I move arownd to differint spots, rite now I kinda like kurling up on the foodladee's desk win she has the lamp turned on, itz warm thair. Win she's not hohm I like the big fluffee komfertur thatz fohldid on the peepul bed in the othur bedroom. Itz gitting too cold to sit in the windoe sill enny moor.

Fall is my foodladee's favritist time of the yeer. Maybee she will tayk me out for a ride in her blak masheen outside the howse. I will tell her to tayk some prittee pitchurs to show evrywon.

Today she wuz supposd to go to sumthin called a Renaysonz Fayr but a big rain storm wif lotz of cold winds kept her from going. She wuz kinda bummed but she sayd her joyntz hurt too much. I will haf to snuggul wif her to keep her joyntz frum hurtin. She lookt reel pritee in sum funny clowse she tryd on yesturday. I wundered how she cud breeth havin her bodee skweezed like that by sumthin she calld a bodiss. She sayd she'd give me a pitchur of herself in those funnee clowse so I kin show evrybodee.
She wuz gunna tayk that baskit an maybee the nex time she goez she cud put me in the baskit an tayk me wif her.

So maynlee today we just sat arownd an wachid sum movee in the blak box in the livinrume. I like it win she wachez that thing cuz she alwayz letz me cuddul on her lap. She musta felt bettur latur cuz thin she wuz cleening in the fud room aftur wee wachted sum show abowt fud rooms an sumthin calld jermz. A man bean rubbed a fuzzee stik on the boll whair the watur comez owt an sayd he gru sumthin calld en-tearo-bak-tur jermz frum the stik. To kill them (I gess jermz arr bad things) yoo haf to sprae sumthin calld bleech on evrything. The foodladee sayd that jermz kin mayk yoo sik so I gess itz a gud thing she spraed evrything cleen.

Time to eet and tayk a nap.


Karen said...

ooooh - we heard 'bout fall, but we doesn't haf it here. we're glad ya doesn't haf any more icky germs in yur kitchen. maybe our Lady should clean sum day too.
Grr, Midnight & Cocoa

one of the pierce kitties said...

too bad your foodlady didn't get to go to the renn faire. betcha she'da brought home a turkey leg for you. ours did, last summer! she went with a friend wearing some of those really weird pelts. mom's pelt covers her completely, but once upon a time, someone said to aunty joy "who are those two bald men, and what are they doing in your dress?"

mom says she knows about achy joints; her thumbs hurt almost all the time. there's some little guys named arthur in them, biting her. i say, kick 'em out!!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Wow, it luks like its a gud thing yer lady didn't go owt.

We didn't realize yoo half to kill jeerms before thay kill yoo. Thanks fur the heads up...were going to tell owr lady abowt the jeerms right away.

Oh...did one of the pierce kitties say sumthing abowt Turkey!?!?! We have fancie feest turkey but that dusn't have legs. hmmm, vary confusing.