Sunday, September 03, 2006

maybee she's mad at mee?

I dohnt noe why this happind but today the foodladee dint give me enny Fancee Feest. Win I got to my bole all that wuz in it wuz the kerunchee fude stuffs. Win I lived in the sheltur kerunchee fude wuz all I ever got, but now the foodladee sayz I am "spoyeld" sinz she's bin givin me Fancee Feest and I luv it so much. So this mornin aftur I hollerd for her to git up and feed mee, she kep sayin "i'm sorree Eclair, i need to go to the fudstore and git more Fancee Feest" and then she put my bowl down filled with only kerunchee fud. I wuz hungree so I finallee eeted sum, but I want my fancee feest back! mebbee I am spoyeld?


Karen said...

of course yur not spoiled. yur Lady has ver-eye-itty in her diet - right? so shud you. you's jus a vick-tim of poor plannin on her part. she needs ta get ta the store more offen
Grr, Midnight & Cocoa

Rocky the Gutter Cat said...

THIS IS FRUM SKEEZIX (It won't let me leeve a comment under my login, so I gave Rocky sum nip to borrow his...)

Nope, yer not spoiled, it's just that yoo haven't gottin yer food lady traned just rite yet.

Try laying down ware the Fancy Feest food dish wood be, not go even NEER the dry krap, and crying and crying and crying (yooze yer "pathetic" crying voice), and then look like yer gonna faynt. This is whut faynting looks like.

And if she can't git yoo Fancy Feest rite that minit, then yoo shood negosheyate for a plate of ham or bacon.

She's a smart lady (she pikked YOO, didn't she??), so she shood be pritty eezy to trane.