Monday, September 11, 2006

As yoo reekwestid

I bugged my foodladee to let mee sho off sum of her art but she sayd most of it is not on this kumpooter. But she fownd wun foto she took win she went to Italee last May befor she adoptid mee. then she fownd anuthur pitchur I cood post. She likes to tayk fotos and chainj them wif sumthing she callz fotoshop. She sayd this pitchur wuz aktooallee takin in the summur! But she maked it look like a veree cold wintur day.

Here they arr...

deetail of a big cherch in Floorinz, Italee

wintur in konnetikut


Rocky the Gutter Cat said...

THIS IS SKEEZIX (doo to that danged blogger beta not letting me sine in with my accownt.)

Wow, yer lady makes sum nice art. My Food Lady duz fotoshop, too. But I'm only intristed in the cat pikchurs. Well, maybe berdie fotos, too.

Karen said...

Those are both very lovely! Winter is the prettiest time of year, in my opinion (plus, I love ornate architecture).
servant to Grr, Midnight & Cocoa

Rosie & Cheeto said...

These are vary beeeutiful pichturs. Yer lady shuld take pichturs of yoo and yoo culd end up like that mona lisa lady...eggsept yoo wuld be frum a pichtur, not a painting. hmmmmmm, I forget whare I was going with this. hmmmmmm, I'm sleepy, oh fud, gotta go.