Friday, September 29, 2006

A noo sistur?

Toonite win my ladee got hohm frum werk we sat an cudduled at the kumpooter while we lookt at Siamese Rescue to find a noo sistur or bruther for mee. Thair is a cat named Snow hoo is a flaimpoynt meezer hoo is 8 montz old an needs a hohm. She lives in Masseechewsetz rite now. My ladee filld owt an apleecashun an now we haf to wate to heer frum the peepuls hoo are takin care of Snow. Thair wur sum othur meezers hoo needed forever hohms thair too. Eethur way, we will find a cat to come live wif us. I think it wud be so much fun to haf a frend to snuggul wif just like all my othur cat frends heer.

And all of this is cuz my ladee fownd Skeezix on the innernet! Skeezix shud be given an award for helpin cats like mee find a forevur hohm. We fownd Siamese Rescue frum a clikky link on Latte's blogpaje.


George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

I hope you get your new sister. It's good being a sister...and having a sister (my baby sister Misty)!


Latte said...

Oh I'm so happy you found Siamese Rescue (especially from my page!) They are such a wonderful organization and they do the best job matching people and kitties together. I really really hope you get a new sister!!!

Maobert Nichols said...

Good luk on gitting a new sister, espeshully if she's Simeeze!!! The Pacific Chapter of Simeeze Reskyoo is in Castro Valley by the big forest by ware I live, but we don't git any cats frum thare becuz with three strays and three reguler cats, Mr Tasty Face sez we don't have room. And Mao has a hard enuf time asserting his alfa-catness with so many cats.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

YAY! you'll love having sumbuddy ta snuggle an play an fight wif - it's the best! an how nice that anoffur kitty's gonna get a good fureffur home!

Junior said...

I am a Flamepoint Meezer! I hope you get your new sibling! You can come visit at my blog!