Sunday, September 10, 2006

howse cleenin

The foodladee wuz verree bissee today. She makded a big mess in the kumpooter rooom an had papr all ovur the flore. I had lotz of fun playin in it. Aftur awhyle she throoed away a lot of papr an makded evree thing all neet agin. She put a noo baskit on a bookase by her kumpooter an I discovured it is the purrfict playce to kurl up an nap win she's tappin on thoz keeys. I haf her tayk diktayshun frum me sinz itz hard for mee to tipe verree gud.

She also sayz she wantd to thank evrywun woo sayd nice things to her win Victor went to the Rayneboe Bridj. she reely appreesheaatid it. I mayd shoor to purr reely lowd an snuggul wif her an she seemz to be happee agin. She is wurkin on a didjitul poortrayt of him for her dawtur. My foodladee mayks lotz of art. she sayz she's gunna mayk a pitchur of mee too.


The Meezers said...

it was nice of her to make a place just for you next to the 'puter!

Karen said...

I make art too. Have you checked it out? Maybe you could post some pictures of your food lady's art?

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Owr ladies muves things arownd too. Its fun to play on but once yoo get comfie on the papur she muves it. I wish she wuld have sum respect fur when we want to play and when we want to rest.

Glad yoo had a busie day. Sownds like fun!

one of the pierce kitties said...

how furry nice that you could play in the papers. they are some of our favorite things. but She accuses us of tryin' ta read stuff through our butts, when She's tryin' ta read it!!