Sunday, September 17, 2006

I almost got a big bruthur

The foodladee wint to visit sum frends of herz hoo wur havin a partee to sellibrate the awtumnul eekwinnox (whutever that is). 2 of her frends have a big Main Koon cat hoo they luv a lot but have diskoffered thair son has allurgees to. So they asked if ennyone of thair frends wantid anuthur cat. They brawt him to the partee so evrywun cud meet him. (Dozint seem fair that he got to go to a partee and I dint even git to go to Skeezix's birfday bash). The foodladee almost brawt him hohm but she deecided he wuz just too big an had too much fur. She sayd he mayd abowt 3 of mee! But he wuz verree sweet an afeckshunit just like me so it wuz hard for her to not bring him hohm.

I kinda like beein the queen cat here but sumone to keep me kumpanee wud be nice too, tho a cat 3 timz my size mite haf skaird me! I think maybee my foodladee will git anuthur cat sumday. Maybee a babee sistur wud be nice.

I wish I cud haf gone to Skeezix' birfday partee. I red his blog abowt it an it sownds like it wuz veree veree fun. I hope he liked my presint.


Jake and Bathsheba said...

We're sorry you missed the party, Eclair. It was pretty wild.

A long time ago we used to have a beautiful Maine Coon older sister. She was very nice to both of us and we loved her a lot.


Karen said...

our Lady's human momma had 2 Maine Coon kitties an they was the nicest an purrtiest an fluffiest boys! they've gone ta the Rainbow Bridge now an she misses 'em furry much. don't fink of the big kitty as scary, fink of him as a cozy nap buddy fur the winter. yoo should 'dopt him...

Karen said...

darn. when we uses our momma's gmail sign in WE GOTTA SIGN OUR NAMES, but we keeps furgettin. that was us - Grr, Midnight & Cocoa

Kaze said...

I get scared of Chase a little since he is twice my size but mostly he's just really snuggly. I hope you do get a brother/sister, we all love to snuggle together and play.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Maybe yoo can throw a partie when yoo get a big bruthur. Yoo wuld be just fine with a big kat with yoo...think of him as one BIG pellow!! If shes thinking abowt it you'll eventshually get a brothur...its onlie a matur of time!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Deer Eclair -
I LOVED yer berthday presint. Mao reely wint insane over it, and he got his spit all over it. It's in the moovey I'm making, but I'm slow gitting the moovey finisht becuz the Food Lady is preokyupide with Rocky being sik, and Mr TF is out of town AND I have to rite thank yoo notes wich is a majer projekt. Thank yoo SO MUCH for thinking of me.

Gitting a bruther or sister is an eksellent idea. Since yer kinda small like me, maybe a yunger kitty is better so it gits used to yoo and won't try to eet yoo. My Food Lady always thinks that it's not good for most cats to be only children unless thare peeple are arownd all the time, becuz (as yoo know) kitty's git lonesum! And they want to play lots more than peeple wunt to play with them. Like me, I cood play tinsel wand 22 howrs a day, but Mr TF will only play it about 3 hrs a day with me. And it's better if they're razed together: but yer lady alreddy knoze that!

Yoo can see lots of berthday fotos on the FOS groop page on Catster.

one of the pierce kitties said...

don't worry, there'll be other parties you can go to, sweetie. it's nice that skeeeeezix posted where you could go see what went on. i hope he didn't include any pictures of edmund, stiff as a board, parked in the corner by the fireplace (he got a little tiddly).

maybe you could ask your mom to reconsider; big fluffy boys are furry, furry comfy! but even if she doesn't 'dopt the MC, eventually you'll get a brofur or sisfur. your mommy's a smart lady and will understand that two kitties is TWICE the fun!

xing lu

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