Saturday, December 01, 2007

From Tira

Itz bin a week now that my sistur went to the bridj. We miss her so much, I haf bin trying to bee morr afekshunit to my mom, I relly like her pets but I still kant git over bein skard to be hugged or held...must be sumthin frum win i wuz on the streetz. Her eyez arr still leekin sumtimes an it is still so hard to beeleeve that Eclair izint commin home to us. I am lonlee for a playmate an i noe my mom has bin lookin at sum of the kittees online frum the local shelterz. She sez she wantz to git a noo sistur for mee frum the Syuhmeez Reskew place calld Slinkee Catz. I jest hope she findz a noo sistur hoo will like me as much as Eclair did.

I will try to blog morr on my an let yoo all noe how wee are doin an win we git a noo sistur.