Thursday, October 12, 2006

Gittin a bit lazee

It seemz my ladee has bin verree bizzee this week so I havint bin abul to blog much. She wuz gawn for 3 dayz ovur the weekend an I missed her so much. But I wuz verree happee win she got hohm, even tho I gots to play wif the kittees upstares agin. Their foodladee tole myne that I am an "alfa cat" sinz I did happin to try to assurt my rites like I wuz still at hohm. Well I AM the ruler of my hohm an the partment upstares looks just like owers, cept for diffurint furnichur, I gess I got a littul bit confewzed.

My ladee promist me that she wud get my costoom dun toomorra so I kin get entured into Skeezix'z contest. But aftur seein Nitro dressd up as Skeezix I think he shud be the winnur! What a grate costoom! So I'm gunna tell my ladee to git to bed now so she will be abul to mayk me a grate costoom toomorra.


Latte said...

Meowmy gets busy a lot too so we understand. We did miss you though!

I know, Nitro's costume is just so incredible!

Junior said...

I don't know what it is with our beans! Shouldn't ALL their time be devoted to us! Isn't their whole world us?

Can't wait to see your costume!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we loved Nitro's costume! we bet yurs is gonna be great too!

Eclair's Exciting Escapades said...

I jus dont noe how Skeezix duz it, waring cloze an all. I wuznt verree coo-opurratif win my ladee tryed to tayk my pitchur. My costoom maked me feel so nervus I kep tryin to run away, I just cudnt help it! Then I did sumthin verree imbairusing...I bakked up an fell off the taybul.
But my ladee got me to sit stil long enuf to git wun gud pitchur.