Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happee Noo Yeer

Well, I coodnt post yesturday becuz evry time it raynes owr innernet gohz away. The upstares ladee has calld the kompanee abowt it but they keep tellin her they cant find ennything rong. I dont think they reely lookd. I meen, rayne = wetness so sumthin owtside must be doin sumthin to owr innernet whyerz. Itz gitting varee annoyin to say the leest.

So I endid up bein alone for noo yeers cuz my ladee's frends insistid that she had to come to thair howse an they evfun offurred to come git her (an owr long drive). My ladee deesydid she felt ok enuff to drive so she pakd a blue bad, slipped me sum treets and sneeked owt the door. I wuz ok tho, I slept. But I wuz a littul purrrturrbd win she caym home yesturday afturnoon wich throo my stinkee gudness off skedjewel. But she cudduled me lots so I forgivved her.

An she fownd owt we still haf a chanz to adopt Topaz! The sheltur emaled my ladee an sed wun of the volunteerz cud meet her thair on Frydy afturnoon sinz no wun adoptid Topaz ovur the weekend. (The sheltur is onlee opin on the weekend). So now we haf to git reddy for my noo sistur....letz see, I gots to mayk a welcom hohm card, pik owt sum of my toyz to gif her, rite her naym on the klubhowse, mayk shoor we gots enuff nip on hand...

My ladee sez Topaz will git to haf the secund bedroom to hersef for a kuppul dayz til we git yoosd to eechuthur. Duz ennywun haf enny suggestshuns abowt the best way to introdooce me an Topaz?


Gemini said...

Happy New Year Eclair! What a great photo.

Momma said that we had that problem at our last place. She just started calling every day and finally got someone to fix it. She finally got a supervisor and he was pissed off that the guys hadn't found the problem earlier.

Junior said...

I was alone New Years Eve too! My Meowm didn't get home till about 2:30 in the morning! She had fed me my stinky goodness before she left and I got treats when she got home! And she stayed home all day yesterday!

Daisy said...

You have to take your time gettin' used to Topaz. It was almost a month before my Mommie would let me and Pixie be alone together without supervision. Good luck, I can't wait to see photos of Topaz!

Anonymous said...

we herd that it's good ta give yoo each a blankie an then switch 'em so yoo kin get used ta each offur's smells. plus, givin' yoo lotsa treets near yur sisfur so ya associate her wif good stuff. growlin' an hissin' is normal when ya meet, but fighting would be bad, of course. efurrybuddy growls an hisses when they meet.

One-Eyed Jack said...

Happy New Year! What great news for the New Year!

As for introducing new kitties, I talked a bunch about it on my December 14 post (http://jackofallshadesandshadows.blogspot.com/2006/12/shes-here.html)

Mostly it depends on how you and she react to each other. Persephone didn't want to be alone, and was mostly ok with me in a day or two, and I'm usually fine with anycat, I like the company, so Persephone ended up being allowed out as soon as my OTW got up, and could wander as much as she wanted until my OTW went to bed (my OTW works at home and could keep an ear out for us)

She probably would have been allowed out at night too after the first night or two too, but for Grumpybutt's sake she kept Persephone in the sewing room at night for a week so Grumpybutt could wander freely without having to deal with a kitten.

Mostly, if a shelter knows a cat just doesn't like other cats, they'll say though, so Topaz should be ok with you pretty quick.

Good Luck!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Oh yeah!! I really hope everything works out well with Topaz, I know you will love having a sister to snuggle with when your mom is away.


Lux said...

This is exciting news about Topaz! I can't wait to see what she looks like!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Well, another new sister in the blogosphere. Topaz is lucky to find her forever home with you.

Getting adjusted takes a few days to a few months, depending on how you get along. At first you must be separated and we agree with Grr, Cocoa & Midnight, have something with each other's scent on it. Thenafter several days, when you're introduced in person, present the rear end first since that's where the scent is the strongest. There wlll be some hissing & growling, but that usually ends quickly as each of you learns her place in the family.