Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Thurteen

I'm followin Skeezix topic...13 hilites of the past yeer. Xcept my yeer begins win my ladee brot me home... (not nessessarulee in enny ordur)

1. Meeting my ladee for the furst time
2. Meetin Skeezix
3.My own fud bole that I dont haf to shair wif enny wun
4. Gitting my tinsul wand and nip mowsie
5. Layin in the windoe sill in the sun
6. Gitting to sleep in the peepul bed evry nite
7. My noo kollur and tag
8. Fancee Feest evry day!
9. Gitting to liv in a hyoog apartmint wif my ladee
10. Gitting my own blog
11. Meetin so menny uthur grate kittees in the blogosphere
12. Gitting to be the sentur of attenshun during my ladee's holiday partee
13. Knowin I haf a furevur home and maybee a noo sistur


Daisy said...

Eclair, that is a very good list. I agree, sleeping in the people bed is the best!

Anonymous said...

that's a lovely list - we're crossing our paws that the sister deal works out!

Gemini said...

Meeting other kitties is wonderful, isn't it?

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

That's a grate list, Eclair! And we're so happy yoo met all of us!