Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I am the luckeest cat in the wurld

I wuz so eggscited to see all the commints on my noo blog. Evrywon is soooo nice! It maykz me soo happee to have all theez noo frends, and all becuz my foodladee fownd Skeezix's blog on the innernet. I think the innernet is a very kool playce to have browt me such nice frends. Thank yoo for all the nice commints!

We arr still feyetin the fleez. My foodladee yoosd a little kome on me today and got sum of thoz fleez off me, but I'm still skratchin. She sayz she will probly tayk me to see a doktur for animuls so I kin git sum speshul medisin to git rid of the fleez for gud. I have bin to one of thoz dokturs before win I had an opurashun win I lived in the shelltur. I hope my foodladee findz me a nice doktur.

My foodladee wuz feelin a littel sad today so I bin tryin to cheer hur up. It mayd hur happee to see that I have all theez noo frends hoo sayd such nice things abowt me. I will haf to mayk shur she helps me rite moor stuf in my blog becuz it makz hur smyle. She wuz happee to see that Skeezix' foodladee duz fotografy becuz she likz to do that too. She toled me she eeven studyed it in kollej a long time ago. I will tri to git hur to tayk moor pitchurs and put them heer so evrywon kin see them. She sayd she lykd Skeezix foodladees webseyt a lot. It mayd hur want to tayk moor pitchurs. I bet she will tayk moor of me!

Well, I think I need to mayk my foodladee go to bed now cuz she has bin stayin up too layt!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

YAY! more pic-shures! you're furry cute an we wants ta see lots more. more pic-shures of where you live would be nice too. she loves ta see 'em effun though it makes her homesick. go figger

Eclair's Exciting Escapades said...

I will git hur to post sum moor pitchurs of ware we live. Skeezix sayz theer must be lotz of visshuz deer arownd heer but I havint seen enny so far. But my foodladee sayz she haz. She tole me one tyme one of them jumpt ovur a hedj and ran rite in front of hur! I'm glad I waznt theer!

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh, we's furry glad to meet you Eclair! You looks like me when I was a kitten too. You's gonna grow up to be a byootiful lady kitty, too, I bets. We's furry glad that your nice foodladee rescued you from the vishus shelter.
and Boni, Mini, Pepi, Gree

The Meezers said...

Hi Eclair! We finded you on Skeezix's blog. Welcome to the blogsphere and come and visit us when you has a chance.

Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Eclair, Skeezix said to come and visit yoo. We like the pichers of yoo,they is furry pritty. We likes where yoo lives too, it looks like a citing place to exploor. We lives in the country an haf two vishus deer that lives in our bottom field. We will put yoor linky on our page, an yoo can add ours if yoo want to.

Kaze said...

Latte & I love new friends, and you seem like a fun little kitty, especially since you are part meezer.

The Lap Lady says helping us blog makes her smile a lot too. You will meet lots of new friends here to help brighten your food lady's day.

Latte said...

Meowmy used to live in Massachusetts and she said your pictures remind her of that. New England is very pretty! We like to see lots of pictures of all sorts of things!

THE ZOO said...

hi eclair. we wanted to passed along a tip. if you taked a baff in Dawn dishwashing liquid it kills all those nasty ole fleas their eggs too. it werks furry good. as good as advantage or frontline but non toxic. it amkes fleas not want to be on you

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Hey, Eclair -- Since yer having so much trubbul with fleeze, I'm just chekking to see if yoo've tride Advantage. It is poison, but it is effektiv. If yoo've run out of things to try, yoo shood try that. Also, washing in a shampoo that has tea tree oil helps. Fleeze hate it. And if the fleeze are in the carpit, yoo can always flee bom yer howse. It's a hassul, but it will git those carpit fleeze.

And Mr TF yoozes a Flea Zapper Comb on me to git the fleeze that Advantage duzn't kill.

Thare's more flee info here.