Saturday, February 10, 2007

I lernd sumthin frum Tira

Evfun tho we arr abowt the saym aje, I think of Tira as my yungur sistur. But I lernd frum her that if yoo git skrunchd down rite next to the raydeeator thing itz nice an warm. Itz bin varee cold heer for the past week. Punxatawnee Phil the Grownd Hog sed spring is suppozd to git heer earlee this yeer but it seemz like wintur just finullee got heer. My ladee sez itz becuz of sumthin cawld Gloebul Warmeng.

An I am riting this for my ladee. She sez THANKEW a sqwillyun times to Skeezix's ladee for the cookee presint. Thair wuz a bit of an inceedint ovur the delivree becuz it wuz varee windee heer yesturday. The delivry dude left it on the frunt porch an the wind bloo it rite off into the nayborz yard. It wuz in a brown papur bag so my ladee dint see it an cawld the store to tell them it wuz nowhair to be fownd. (they left a messaj on her masheen). Then today she desydid to look all arownd the howse agin just in kayce. She notissed the brown bag an wint ovfur to it an thair wer her cookees. She sez they arr varee yummee and almost too kyoot to eet. Skeezix's ladee is so nice an it mayd my ladee smyl reel big. Thankew so much!
Notiss the emptee stiks in the middull....2 cookees mysteeriuslee got eetid befour this foto cood be taykin. I wundur woo cood haf eetid them???? =^.^=


Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

I'm glad the cookeez made yer ladey smile. She dezerves to smile a lot becuz she's just GRATE!

Tiramisu said...

Hay Eclair, yoo keeps fergittin I haf a lot of street smartz. An now I gots a boyfrend too!

jeterharris said...

deer eclair,
doze a byootiful cookiez dat skeez'z food lady sent to u.
wutta frend she iz.
shee'z luckee to hav her in her life!
skeezix makez us all smile ... an dat'z grate!

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

hello Eclair, sorry that I haven't visited you sooner. My Mommie wasn't here all day yesterday, and was gone some today. I missed you...Monte.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Those are some great-looking cookies! Did the food lady make them? She and Skeezix are so thoughtful and make all of us feel special.


Eclair said...

No, the FoodLadee dint mayk them, they comed frum a place cawld Cookies by Design. I tried to git a tayst of wun but my ladee shooed me away. But she duznt noe I did git one lik in befor she seed me. heh heh.

Hi Monte! Missed yoo too, my ladee wuz gone part of yesturday too.

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Eclair, can I have your e-mail addy, I would like to send you somefing special for Balentines..Monte.

Eclair said...

I haf ta yooz my ladee's emale addriss cuz if I dont I'll nevfur git yoor emale. She forgits to let me chek my emale but she cheks hers all the time. So yoo kin send me emale at thaeloblue AT gmail DOT com.

Ooo I'm eggsitid to see whut yoo arr sendin me!

Anonymous said...

how totally cute! what a nice thing to send - those are great!