Sunday, February 18, 2007

My ladee the arrteest

Itz anuther cool day heer in konnetikut, an my ladee has bin bizzy on her noo compewtur. She did stop to play wif us for awhyl. She tryd to put wun of the shertz that Skeezix givvd me on Tira. It dint go ovur varee well, Tira wuz not varee koo-opurratif an she wuz thretinin to do sumthin nawtee. I cood see it in her eyz. My ladee got the shert ovur Tira's hed but that wuz it, then Tira runnd away. The necks thing I noo Tira had takin the shert off an problee hydid it sumwhair.
It wuz prittee funnee. Mayks me laff an laff (like Jeterharris sez) to haf such a crazee kid sistur.

Then my ladee playd wif her Fotoshop an mayd me sumthin to giv to Monte. She also mayd a goofee anneemaytid pitchur of me. Itz sillee but she had funs doin it so thatz a gud thing. I tryd to post it heer but it wuzint werking.

Heer's my presint for Monte cuz heez so sweet. I think my ladee duz gud werk.


Lisa said...

Hello Eclair! We just wanted to say hello. Our mommy stumbled across your blog just by hitting the "next blog" button. We think you are very pretty. And such a pretty name, too. Love, Cocoa, Leo, Maggie, Sammy & Scully

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Yer mommy does GRATE werk Eclair!!! That's a vary nice pikchur!!!

As for the shert and Tira.... I'm laffin an laffin!

Anonymous said...

whoa - she's furry talented. that's way cool!