Monday, March 12, 2007

Sowry we havint bin postin

Tira and I haf bin varee bizzy takin cair of our ladee and enjoyin havin her home wif us alla rite now. She sez her sholdur is bettur but she still has to be varee cairful not to moov it a sirtin way or lift ennything hevy. Gud thing me an Tira arr not fat but mostlee she is sittin down so we jus jump up into her lap to chek on her.
We miss yoo all varee much an will try to git back to bloggin more soon.

We dint evfun noe that Skeezix wuz sik!! so glad to heer that he is feelin bettur. On anuthur gud noat, the wethur is gitting warmur heer so maybee we will be abul to lay in the windoe sills win the windoes arr opin agin.


Artsy Catsy said...

Hi Eclair! It's nice of you and Tira to take care of your poor lady. Ours had bad shoulder problems awhile back. The human v.e.t. couldn't figure it out so he just said she had Arthur Itis in her shoulders. But I told Mr. Itis to get out of there, and she feels better now!!


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Great job you guys taking care of your mommy. Has your mommy tried fish oil for her shoulder? My mommy's aunts use it for their Arthur Itis and other joint problems and they swear by it. It takes approx 4 weeks to kick in.
Mommy tries to be good and take them because of her hip and back problems, because they work, but she takes so much other stuff now she doesn't want another pill in her tummy.
It may be a good try. Maybe your mommy just needs some good physical therapy or a cortozone shot periodically. That helps my mommy's back and hip...

Anonymous said...

It's a really good thing you two aren't the size of my sister Grr. We're sending lots of purrs to your mom!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

We just wanted to let you know that we're thinking of you.


Skeezix said...

We're hoping and hoping yer ladey will git better vary soon!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Oh, we understand. Yer lady is vary importunt and yoo gotta take gud gud care of hur when she's at home. Give hur lots of "careful" purrs and headbutts!

Were so happy that yoo will evenchuallie be able to lay owt by the windoo sil!

Junior said...

I am sending get well headbutts to your Mom! Goo job taking care of her!

One-Eyed Jack said...

Persephone and me will send purrs your lady's way, and hope she gets better quickly.

Sorry I haven't been by in a while. After the squillions of naps that me OTW was 'working' through, I'm still catching up with all the bloggers!

Hope you'll be able come back soon!

And 'cause I think I may have fogotten to say it then, thank you for your great contest and my award! My OTW has carefully put away the portrait she did and she's going to put it on a big wall hanging about me!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Hi Eclair (and Tira), we're just checking in to see how your mom is doing. We hope everything is okay.