Monday, September 17, 2007

still missing in akshun

I noe we sed we wuz gonna be posting agin cuz our foodladee wuz gettin bettur but sumtimes yoo kin git bettur fizzikallee but still not bee in the bestest fraym of mind. Our foodladee has bin varee sad for munths becuz of gitting hurt and she just wint bak to werk 3 weekz ago. that werk guy has bin makin her do her job all nite long, she leeves heer win itz suppozd to be time to go to bed and duzzint com hohm until the sun is up agin. So she has bin reely reely tired alla time and just like to snuggul wif us and not help us reed any jornuls or post in arrs. I noe she misses effrywon and it mad her sad that we missed Skeezix's birfday. We are sad abowt that too cuz we noe that wifowt Skeezix we wud not haf owr nice hohm wif owr foodladee so we speshully luv Skeezix. So this is owr HAPPEE BELAYTID BIRFDAY SKEEZIX. Me an Tira luv yoo!!!!

We will kontinyoo to tri to mayk owr ladee happee agin so we kin at leest reed effrywon's jornuls agin but itz hard to tell if she will be abul to git her mind off the bad things she sez haf bin happenin to her latelee. We arr glad we arr heer for her cuz we noe she luvs us varee varee much.

Me an Tira arr doin good, Tira likes to play kissee face now an we tayk terns likking on eech uther's faces. Then we gits all friskee and wrassel and chayse eech uther. We like to do this a lot, but speshully becuz it makes owr ladee smile.

We miss yoo all an hope yoo arr all happee an healthee.

luvs and liks frum Eclair an Tiramisu


Gemini said...

Oh thank you for the update! That was very nice of you to let us know!

Eric and Flynn said...

We are glad yer mum is gitting better fizzikly, but we're sorry she is feeling sad. Our mum broke her leg badly last year in lots of places and it made her furry sad too cuz she couldn't do what she wuz used to doing. Yoo and Tira will haf to keep trying hard to make yer Foodlady happy, cuz that's what we done wiv our mum, and now she's not sad anymore. She still can't do as much as she used to, but she sez she has rekkernized her limitayshuns, and now she has accepted it she duzn't haf to be sad anymore.
We all liked the mean kitty song. It wuz furry funny.
Here's some (((hugs))) furrom us to make yer mum feel better.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

We've missed you all and had almost given up hope that you would ever return! We're sorry we took so long to notice your Sept 17 post! We hope your FL continues to get better physically and that helps her mentally too. We really do care.

~J&B and their mom