Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I mist midnite munday!

I had a lonelee weekind becuz my ladee packt her travlin bag and put owt a big bole of krunchee fud an leff me all alown. She did come bak hohm onlee aftur wun nite away so it wuznt too bad but I mist cuddulin wif her at nite in the peepol bed. Anywayz, yestiday wuz munday an I dint noe it an my ladee wint owt agin to werk. She wuz too tyerd win she came hohm to help me blog. I gess she duzint git to tayk a lot of naps like I do.
So I'm gunna post my midnite munday pic now.

I think I look veree feerse in this pitchur. I wud like to be xceptid into the Howse Panthurs grup but I dont noe how to join. Maybee Grr, Midnight an Cocoa kin put in a gud werd for me.

Ok, I've gots to get my ladee motivaytid to go to the stor cuz weer all owta Fancee Feest an that jus wont do!


Derby said...

You look like one unhappy cat.

Kaze said...

That is a fierce look! I really like your white fur on your chest!

Junior said...

You were left all alone!? Did you tear anything up in the house....to show your displeasure at being left behind? I would have!

nels-ed-nitro-xing lu said...

ohmigoodness! you are one scary kitty--do you have any halloween gigs lined up? you could make a mint bein' a witch's cat!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

oh yikes! that's tellin' her! bet she neffur leafs you again.

e-mail Smudge at fourfurrycats@hotmail.com an say ya wants ta be a House Panther. he'll send you an invite. he's sick so be unnerstanding if he duzzn't get back ta you furry fast. we love Smudge an hopes the vet kin help him wif his purroblems. if ya duzzn't know him, ya kin meet him at www.fourfurrycats.blogspot.com

our Lady gotted her order frum your shop an loved yur stuff! now one of the teenagers is tryin ta take our Lady's mug an anofur one is tryin ta take our Lady's shirt an the third one is wonnering where ta hang the print in her own room. we may hafta order more stuff. ya gonna put out more picshures of you on stuff too? kin we put a linky ta yur shop on our blog?

Eclair's Exciting Escapades said...

My ladee wuz wunderin if the stuff frum zazzle wuz gud kwalitee. She's veree glad all the beans in yer howse liked the stuff yer ladee bawt. My ladee plans too mayk more stuff but she haz bin a littul bizee. I think she's jus bin runnin round too much.

She sayd she wud be veree honerd to hav a linkee to our shopp on yer paj. Gee, maybee I will git faymus!

We sent Smudge a eemayell but havint hurd frum him yet, but sinz yoo sayd he is sic we will be payshint.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

frum our Lady:
The Zazzle merchandise is great quality, and I'll be happy to take some pictures for my blog and include a link. I ordered the items on Monday and chose the least expensive shipping methods, and had all the items by Thursday. The only drawback is that each type of item is shipped seperately and has it's own shipping charge, rather than combining them. This caused the shipping costs to be higher than normal, but I really wanted the stuff so I put up with it!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Wow, if yoo put on that scarey face in frunt of a vishus deer, yoo wood scare them away and woodn't need any of Mao & Rocky's Vishus Deer Repelunt.